Welcome to the Southeast Warren Primary School

9 months ago

Welcome to the Southeast Warren Primary Center website.  Our building is located in Milo, Iowa and serves PreK-3rd grade students.  We pride ourselves in creating an atmosphere where students and staff continually develop the necessary skills to become lifelong learners and responsible citizens.  We are committed to creating a safe learning environment where each student is challenged and supported in his/her learning. We want students, families, and staff to effectively work together to create a positive culture that translates into motivated students who are prepared for a successful future.  We are proud to serve our communities and to call ourselves Warhawks!

John Burrell
Elementary Principal

SEW Primary at a Glance:

  • Approximately 150 students
  • Two sections of each grade
  • 6 week through 6th grade attached Daycare Center
  • Welcoming and inclusive environment for new students

Primary School Library
Our library is now online - students and parents can browse the library to see what books are available. Check it out at:

School Hallway

Primary Teachers
Planet Green for Recycling

Southeast Warren Primary School has signed up for a fundraiser with Planet Green. To help our school and participate in this fundraiser, just bring in your empty inkjet cartridges & cell phones to the Primary School.

Once we have filled up our recycling box we will send it in to Planet Green for Recycling. Our school will receive up to $7.00 for inkjet cartridges and up to $40.00 for cell phones. For more information -http://planetgreenrecycle.com/sewarren