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Principal :
Mr. Delane Galvin
Janie Weeks
Southeast Warren Jr-Sr High School
16331 Tyler Street
PO Box 19
Liberty Center, IA 50145
Jr-Sr High School Office:
(641) 466-3331
Superintendent's Office:  (641) 466-3510
(641) 466-3525






Bullying and Cyber-Bullying
For parents, educators and students - an Iowa State University presentation about bullying and cyber-bullying, including links to many resources on the topic.

Bullying and Cyber-Bullying

Notes from Mr. Galvin
March 23, 2015

Good morning! We are in the last week of school prior to spring break!
Notes for the week:

FFA: FFA will be having Goat Day on Thursday. If you remember, for a small fee you can contact any FFA Chapter member to have a goat delivered to some of your favorite people.

Early Dismissal: Friday will be a 1:30 dismissal due to the start of spring break. Spring break will consist of 6 school days, so students will return to school on April 7th.

Country Music Show: There will be a country music show Friday at 7:00 pm for the Southeast Warren Scholarship Foundation Fundraiser.

Iowa Assessment Incentive Day: Our annual IA Assessment Day will be April 27th. *This is from the assessments that we took in January.* Students in 7th-11th grade that are proficient in all areas will have a full day off, and students that were not proficient in all areas but showed improvement in their scores from last year, get a half a day off. We will be notifying those students who earned a full or part day off in our connections classes this week.

Subs Needed: We are looking for substitutes for cooks and custodians. If you are interested in earning a little extra income, we have a need for people to substitute in all 3 buildings.

Have a great week, and safe travels over spring break and the Easter Holiday.

It’s Great to be a WARHAWK!!!

Mr. Galvin

Coke Rewards
If you drink coke products you can donate points to our school, so we can get rewards like art supplies and sports equipment, and support all the ways kids play. Even the smallest point contribution can lead to us getting items free from coke. All you have to do is purchase a coke product as usual, log on to the following website, enter the schools zip code, 50145, and enter the redemption code off your product you purchased.

Every 15 Minutes
On April 9, 2014, the Southeast Warren Jr-Sr High school students had the opportunity to learn a real-life lesson without the tragedy and risk. In cooperation with local law enforcement, fire departments and rescue teams, this lesson was brought home to our students with a mock accident resulting from driving under the influence. (More info...)

Jr-Sr High Teacher Websites

The teachers at the Jr-Sr High school have websites for their classes, including lesson plans and other information, to help give students and parents easy access to information.

Links to their sites are on the right column of this page. All links will open a new window, so to return to the SEW site, simply close the window for the teacher site when you are done.    





Teacher Websites

Ms. Arensdorf
Mrs. Birchette
Mr. Burrell
Mrs. Cooper
Mr. Cruikshank
Ms. Ewing
Mrs. Gartin
Mrs. Heim
Mrs. Isley
Mr. Kelly
Mrs. Kelso
Mrs. McCombs
Mrs. Mitzelfelt
Mrs. Morhardt
Mr. Oliver
Mr. Rowlands
Ms. Sealock
Mr. Seuferer
Mr. VanStrien
Ms. Vlahakis
Mrs. Young

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