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Southeast Warren Parents,

First of all, we would like to apologize for the short notice, but we will have a student personal item pick up tomorrow, Tuesday, May 19th from 5:00pm to 7:00pm.

Staff members will be handing out items from lockers, desks and classrooms we have placed in a bag so please stay in your vehicle throughout the pick-up. The one exception to this is if you are looking at the lost and found table you may get out of your vehicle to do so.

Return school owned items i.e. text books, work books, library books etc.

Milo: Come in on Walnut to the South entrance of the circle drive then exit North onto 5th street. There will be a lost and found table in the north teacher parking lot for any unclaimed/lost items.

Lacona: Come in from the North side of the football field and the items will be in handed out in front of the building. Exit South on Washington after picking up your child’s items and a lost and found table will be set up by the south end of the football field.

Secondary, Enter East/Middle entrance, drive through in front of school by flag pole. Lost and found in will be in the west parking lot. Exit via the West entrance

Staff members: will have masks and gloves on, if you would like items placed in your trunk please have it opened prior to driving through.

If you are unable to make it please email your child’s building principal to arrange an alternate time to pick up personal items and return school owned items.

Students can keep school owned chromebooks and hotspots distributed through the summer. Those items will need to be returned in August.

Please honor all social distancing and COVID-19 safety precautions.

Wed. MARCH 25th
Wed. APRIL 22nd
Wed. MAY 27th

2020 Graduation Plans

17 days ago

MAY 15th – Senior Drive-Through

Seniors will have a drive-through system for picking up their diplomas, awards, etc., along with dropping off any school-owned items .  This is not a public event, it is only for seniors.  Pictures will be available later. 

The public is invited to watch a Graduate Car Procession through the towns in our district on May 15th. (times are approximate). 

6:15 Liberty Center

6:30 Milo: 

  • G-58 to 1st
  • 1st to Main
  • Main to S23/ 4th
  • 4th to Walnut
  • Walnut to 2nd
  • 2nd to Elm
  • Elm to S23 and then on to Lacona

6:55 Lacona :

  • Start at the top of the hill by the school
  • Go down Washington to Franklin
  • Franklin to Vine
  • Vine to Main
  • Main to C-store/Elevator and end the procession

Tentative Upcoming Dates:
Tentative dates for an actual graduation ceremony are: June 21 or July 19
Tentative dates for Jr-Sr Prom are June 13, July 11, or August 1.

As always, updates will be posted on the school website and school Facebook/Twitter pages.