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High School TAG

The TAG programming for the senior high students has changed during the last few years. We have gone away from the scheduled TAG class and encouraged more students to participate in Advanced Placement Classes and college level classes.

Advaced Placement Classes
The Advanced Placement classes are structured more like college classes than high school classes. They include a great deal of reading and writing which help students delve more deeply into the topic or issue of study. After the class is completed, students may take a test to show how well they learned the material. The scores from the test are reported to their college of choice. That college can then decide whether to award 1 to 3 hours of college credit based on the score earned. The fee for the classes and the testing are paid by the University of Iowa Belin Blank Center. They received a grant to offer these opportunities to rural Iowans. The classes themselves are offered over the internet.

College Level Classes (PSEO)
The college level classes most of our students take are offered by Graceland University over the internet. Students earn college credit directly from Graceland and may request copies of transcripts to send to their college of full time enrollment when the time comes. Generally college level classes are open to juniors and seniors only. However, a younger student who has been identified as talented and gifted may qualify for college level courses.

Other college classes offered to high school students can be viewed at

The Post Secondary Enrollment Options Act (PSEO) provides an opportunity for students beyond the confines of their school district. For more information about PSEO go to

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