Regular Board Meeting
April 14, 2008

The Southeast Warren Board of Education met in regular session April 14, 2008, in the media center of the Junior/Senior High School building. Board President Paul Mead called the meeting to order at 5:30 p.m. The following board members were present: Jennifer Mihalovichh, Larrie Williams, John Burrell and Ron Miller. Superintendent Harold Hulleman, Secondary Principal Terry Gladfelter, Intermediate Principal Cindy Butler, Primary Principal Charlotte Weaklend, Transportation Director Joel Mosher, and Board Secretary Julie Wilson were also in attendance, along with members from the community.

AGENDA: Motion by Larrie Williams, seconded by Jennifer Mihalovichh to approve the agenda. Ayes: 4. (Ron Miller was absent from the vote.)

COMMENTS: Kelly Yeggy related to the Board that they had appealed her son’s case to the Department of Education and lost. Kelly requested that the Board and new Superintendent review the information for reconsideration of her son’s case and expunge her son’s record of the incident.

Julie Baughman related to the Board that her daughter had received a death threat during school hours. Julie expressed her frustration that the student was not punished until several days after the incident and is still concerned for her daughter’s safety while at school. Julie presented the Board with copies of the Sheriff’s report and her journal of what had transpired over the course of several days. Julie asked the Board to review the information and give it their consideration.


Transportation report submitted by Joel Mosher:

We had six extra bus trips for the month. The month was spent doing general repairs. I had time checking the road conditions for mud and general drivability. I took a lot of time to map and plan the hard surface routing; this included driving these as well.

Primary Principal’s report submitted by Charlotte Weaklend:

During the time that district transportation was not provided to students living on non-paved roads, free before and after school childcare was provided for several of our rural families – both in the regular daycare facilities and in the Primary media center by a teacher associate or myself. Contact was made with thirteen families who were known to have difficulty getting their children to and from school, with approximately 15 children served. Parents seemed very appreciative of our efforts.

On March 11th, our preschoolers were given free dental screenings. These were conducted by a certified dental hygienist who spoke with the children about the importance of good tooth care and gave each a toothbrush. This was provided through the Warren County Early Childhood Services. On April 9th, they were given free vision screenings through Kidsight. This program is a service provided through the Lions Clubs of America. Signed parent permission was required for participation in both of these programs.

On March 12th, the daycare supervisor, one of the daycare associates, the preschool teacher, the classroom preschool associate, and I attended a training on “ethics in the childcare setting” workshop in Indianola, provided free of charge through the Warren County Empowerment Board. Both ethical and legal issues involving childcare providers were addressed in this very informative and thought-provoking workshop.

A 4-year-old preschool parent meeting was held on March 25th. A light supper was served to our parents and their children by the Warren County Empowerment Board. A brief program followed involving a presentation regarding preschool children’s mental, emotional, and verbal development. Input was gathered from the parents about how our program is progressing, and preliminary papers were distributed to prepare parents for the 08-09 kindergarten parent night to be held on April 10th. An Open House for parents of 3-year-old children in the district will be held later.

Intermediate Principal’s report submitted by Cindy Butler:

1. I attended the Curriculum Networking meeting at the AEA on April 4. A large part of the meeting was spent on learning to write annual goals for the APR, Annual Progress Report. We were told goals don’t have to include a numerical target; a goal to increase the percent of students proficient and above or decrease the percent of students below proficient is OK.

Goals are required in reading, math, science, early intervention plans, and other locally determined indicators. We are in the process of asking the CFF for input into new annual goals.

2. Every three years we give the Iowa Youth Survey to sixth, eighth and eleventh grade students. The survey is a collaborative effort among Iowa Departments of Public Health, Human Services, and Human Rights. The data collected from this survey meets NCLB requirements related to Title IV, Safe and Drug Free Schools and Communities.

The Iowa Youth Survey will be administered online next year for the first time. Training for administrators and technology staffs will be held this summer and/or early fall.

3. As we enter into April all the students at the Intermediate will be taking the Stanford Diagnostic Reading Assessment. This assessment is required as a part of our participation in CORI training.

April 21st will be the first day of the spring MAP assessment (Measures of Academic Progress). It will take approximately two weeks to get everyone tested. A second assessment in addition to the Iowa Tests is required by the state and the MAP qualifies as that additional assessment. Students in grades 3 to 10 will take the MAP assessment online.

Secondary Principal’s report submitted by Terry Gladfelter:

Our students are being recognized for positive activities and services.

FBLA – Mrs. Carr and 6 of our students recently attended the state FBLA conference held in Cedar Rapids, April 3-5. About 600 students from throughout the state attended the conference. The students attended workshops, a banquet, dance, and an awards ceremony. Each of our students had to participate in at least two competitive activities. Evan Schurman placed 4th in the business math competition.

FCCLA – Mrs. Hiem and seven of our students attended the state FCCLA conference held in Des Moines on March 31 – April 2. There were over 750 students at the Polk County Convention Center. Our students attended the event to network with other FCCLA students from around the state and attend the competitions. SEW was recognized for re-activating our chapter and the students are excited about participating and competing next year.

JEL/SADD – On April 8 our JEL/SADD group was recognized at the Warren County Youth Recognition ceremony held at Simpson College. This council is a branch of the United Way of Central Iowa. Mrs. Newhart, the group sponsor nominated the three students (Heidi Dittmer, Carly Lawrence, Emily Nutting) for their commitment to establishing awareness about tobacco, alcohol, and destructive decisions. Projects that they have done are the “Chain of Life”, posters throughout the school and in the restrooms, and “Orange Crush” during Valentines Day. They will also be doing a “crime scene” mock-up during Prom week to bring awareness to the importance of safe driving.

Establishing Community Pride (ECP) – Mrs. Stewart and the ECP students recently finished helping with the Milo Easter Egg Hunt. They spent several hours after school stuffing hundreds of plastic eggs with candy and prizes for the hunt. The eggs were then “hidden” for the hunt in the park at Milo. There were about 100 children that participated in the egg hunt.

Creative Expressions Class – Recently Ms Cornish showed the students a movie about Cystic Fibrosis. The students were so challenged by the video that they wanted to help with raising funds. Through the class the students have worked on communication, publicity and organizational skills to raise awareness and money for CF. The video has been presented during Connections, cans have been collected, cookies sold, a hat day held, guessing Skittles in a jar, and a silent auction will be held. To date over $300 has been raised by students. There will be a culminating activity with a CF walk to be held on May 17.

Athletic Department report submitted by Dave Ripperger:

Academic Recognition
I have calculated the academic achievement awards for all of the winter sports. I am proud to announce that all three programs have been recognized.

IHSAA Excellence Award (3.00 to 3.24 GPA)
Boys Basketball Cheerleading- 3.000
Wrestling- 3.125
IGHSAU Excellence Award (3.20 to 3.60 GPA)
Girls Basketball- 3.263
IHSAA Distinguished Award (3.25 to 4.00 GPA)
Boys Basketball- 3.288

Girls Track
Off to a slow start. Only twelve girls are on the roster at this time. The weather has also not cooperated with the season so far. Many of the meets we have on our schedule have been postponed due to weather. We are trying to reschedule if possible.

Congratulations to Kayli Schurman who competed at the ISU Indoor Track meet March 17. Kayli finished in 3rd place overall with a throw of 37’. That throw broke Kayli’s own record 36’10” that she set last year. Mr. Carr is wanting to nominate her for the Drake Relays, but due to the weather not cooperating she has not had enough opportunities to meet the cut off for previous years (in the past it was 38’04”).

We are not planning on filling the assistant track coach position.

Boys Track
In the same boat as the girls. Twenty-four boys are listed on the roster for Mr. Oliver. Weather has also not cooperated so there have been no competitions for the squad, which is a concern to Mr. Oliver.

Ten girls and eleven boys are listed on the roster (they are dealing with some eligibility problems, though). I think this is a good numbers for the team. Mr. Tierney and Mrs. Burrell are getting along fine.

JH Track
Boys track has seventeen boys out. Seem to be working hard. First meet is April 17 at Carlisle. Girls track has sixteen girls out and no assistant coach. They too are working hard. First meet is April 15 at Carlisle.

Golf Fundraiser
Beginning to finalize the business end of the golf tournament by trying to line up sponsorships and prizes. My goal is to raise $3,000 for this tournament. Last year we had 56 individuals and I am hoping for 72 or more this year.

My opinions (for what it is worth) on improving athletic participation:
-go to a split schedule, boys will then participate in both wrestling and basketball
-allow students to skip Physical Education class if they are in sports
-make policy that all head coaches must teach in the district so they can have an active role in recruiting students; make it a priority to find coaches in the hiring process
-improve the athletic facilities (expand the gymnasium, update wrestling facility, build new weight room)
-stop the negativity and promote an upbeat and positive mental attitude with all people in the community and in the school building
-JH sports after school so more time can be spent on the fundamentals of the sport to give the students a competitive edge rather than the 40 minutes of practice time they will have if sports are during the school day

Odds and Ends
Spoke with Troy Dannen at the IGHSAU about the situation concerning the probation. The reason for the call was to see what the probation would mean to the school as far as hosting post-season events. Mr. Dannen relayed to me about a meeting with his board and two of our school board members. After the meeting Mr. Dannen told me he did not feel comfortable suggesting Southeast Warren to host post-season events. This will cost the district and athletic department. Last year the IGHSAU reimbursed the school $1,638.20. This money has been used for a number of items, including weight equipment and covering the shortages of some of the programs and to not have this potential income will have an impact on the athletic department.

I also want to clear some misunderstanding about my job and my expectations of myself for the execution of this job. I will not leave this post as athletic director until all of the sports programs for the 2007-2008 school year have completed their seasons. I will submit my annual report to the board sometime in September. I will attend almost all of the summer activities as my schedule will allow me and make sure that there is suitable supervision for all events.

Curriculum Report – Dr. Hulleman presented information to the Board showing the state requirements for Iowa school districts regarding course offerings and graduation requirements. The course offerings and graduation requirements for Southeast Warren were also presented to the Board.

CONSENT AGENDA: The following items were on the consent agenda:
1. March 10, 2008, minutes
2. Financial reports
3. Approve second reading of Board Policy 601.4, “Objectives for Equal Educational Opportunities for Students”
4. Approve second reading of Board Policy 601.5, “Nondiscrimination”
5. Approve second reading of Board Policy 601.6, “Equal Educational Opportunity”
6. Approve second reading of Board Policy 502.12, “Anti-Bullying/Harassment Policy”

Motion by Ron Miller, seconded by Jennifer Mihalovichh to approve the items on the consent agenda. Ayes: 5.

SUPERINTENDENT’S REPORT: Dr. Hulleman reported on the following items:
1. The Children First Forum meeting will be held on May 5.
2. The last day of school for students is June 4.
3. June 5 will be a staff development day and June 6 will be a staff workday.
4. IASB Director District 8 meetings will be held on June 19.
5. The Board reviewed Standard 6 of the superintendent evaluation process.
6. The areas of noncompliance from the Department of Education Site Visit report were reviewed.
7. The District received a letter from the Iowa Girls’ High School Athletic Union affirming the penalties that had been imposed upon Coach Ron Smith, parent Ken Wright, and the District.

AIR CONDITIONING PROJECTS: Dr. Hulleman presented an estimate from Travis Mechanical & Controls to the Board to install central air conditioning in the Milo and Lacona buildings. Bryce Travis related to the Board that the current electrical systems would not support individual air conditioning units, central air conditioning would be less invasive to the building, and the current air handlers are set up for central air conditioning. The Board would still like to have information concerning the cost of operating the central air conditioning. Motion by Larrie Williams, seconded by Ron Miller to get additional price quotes before taking action. Ayes: 5.

BALANCING THE BUDGET: Dr. Hulleman recommended reducing the social studies graduation requirements from four units to three units and not fill the vacant social studies position. There would be a savings of $43,000 by not filling the social studies teaching position. Dr. Hulleman also recommended eliminating cross country due to the low participation. This would be a savings of $3,400.

Motion by Ron Miller, seconded by Jennifer Mihalovichh to approve eliminating the full time social studies position. Ayes: 5.

Motion by Ron Miller, seconded by Jennifer Mihalovichh to eliminate cross country with hopes that they could go to a neighboring school to participate. Ayes: Mihalovichh, Miller, and Mead. Nays: Williams and Burrell. Motion passed 3:2.

Motion by Ron Miller, seconded by Larrie Williams to reduce the graduation requirements to 50 credits, two less social studies credits, and have an eight period day for next year. Ayes: 5.

2007-2008 BUDGET AMENDMENT: A public hearing was held to allow community members present the opportunity to comment/ask questions concerning the 2007-2008 budget amendment. President Paul Mead called the hearing to a close. Motion by Larrie Williams, seconded by John Burrell to approve the 2007-2008 budget amendment. Ayes: 5.

2008-2009 BUDGET: A public hearing was held to allow community members present the opportunity to comment/ask questions concerning the 2008-2009 budget. President Paul Mead called the hearing to a close. Motion by Ron Miller, seconded by Larrie Williams to approve the 2008-2009 budget. Ayes: 5.

PERSONNEL CHANGES: Dr. Hulleman recommended accepting the resignations of Melissa Spurgeon, Special Education Instructor; LeRoy Woodruff, Substitute Bus Driver; Myrissa Gingerich, Assistant High School Volleyball Coach; and Mike Tierney, Assistant High School Girls’ Track Coach; approval of the appointments of Kevin King, Part Time Evening Custodian; Brandon Holbrook, Substitute Bus Driver; Jason Walter, Assistant Junior High Girls’ Track Coach; and Angie Steil, Junior High Softball Coach.

Motion by John Burrell, seconded by Jennifer Mihalovichh to accept the resignations as presented. Ayes: 5.

Motion by Ron Miller, seconded by Larrie Williams to approve the appointments and coaching appointments. Ayes: 5.

ELP TRIP: Cindy Butler related to the Board that a trip for ELP students is being planned to Nauvoo, Illinois on May 8-9. Melcher-Dallas and Pleasantville students will also be going on the trip. Pleasantville will provide the transportation with all districts sharing the expense. Five Southeast Warren ELP students have raised the necessary funds for the trip. Dr. Hulleman recommended approval of the overnight ELP trip to Nauvoo, Illinois. Motion by Larrie Williams, seconded by Jennifer Birchette to approve the ELP trip to Nauvoo, Illinois. Ayes: 5.

MOWING BID: Dr. Hulleman related to the Board that bids had been received from Turner Lawn Care, Mark’s Pop A Lock, and Mike Myer Services for mowing the Milo, Lacona, and Liberty Center sites this summer. Dr. Hulleman recommended approving the bid from Turner Lawn Care even though it was $345 higher than the low bid due to the fact that Jeff Turner is a resident of the District and that we were very pleased with the work he did last year. Motion by Larrie Williams, seconded by Ron Miller to approve the bid from Turner Lawn Care for mowing this summer. Ayes: 5.

OVEN BID: Terry Gladfelter presented information and bids to the Board concerning the purchase of convection ovens. Terry Gladfelter recommended approval of the bid from Bolton & Hay Inc. in the amount of $10,951.76 for the Vulcan convection ovens. Motion by Jennifer Mihalovichh, seconded by Ron Miller to approve the bid from Bolton & Hay Inc. in the amount of $10,951.76 for the Vulcan convection ovens. Ayes: 5.

ISCAP PROGRAM: Julie Wilson recommended approving participation in the ISCAP Program and approval of the ISCAP Supplemental Resolution. Motion by Jennifer Mihalovichh, seconded by Larrie Willliams to approve participation in the ISCAP Program and approval of the ISCAP Supplemental Resolution. Ayes: 5.

2006-2007 AUDIT REPORT: Julie Wilson briefly reviewed the 2006-2007 audit report. Motion by Larrie Williams, seconded by John Burrell to accept the 2006-2007 audit report.

BOARD POLICIES: The Board reviewed Board Policy Sections 1000, “Statement of Guiding Principles”, Section 1001, “Public Communications”, and 1003, “Relations Between School Personnel and the Public”. Motion by Ron Miller, seconded by John Burrell to leave the board policies as written. Ayes: 5.

President Paul Mead adjourned the meeting at 7:53 p.m.

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