December 6, 2004

The Southeast Warren Board of Education met for a work session December 6, 2004, in the technology center of the Junior/Senior High School building. President Ron Miller called the meeting to order at 5:02 p.m. The following board members were present: Chris Hardy, Jennifer Birchette, Chris Wadle, and John Burrell. Superintendent Dr. Harold Hulleman, Primary Principal Charlotte Weaklend, and Board Secretary Julie Wilson were also in attendance.

AGENDA: Motion by Chris Hardy, seconded by Jennifer Birchette to approve the agenda. Ayes: 5.

FEASIBILITY STUDY: Superintendent Hulleman related that he and Ron Miller had met with Eric Heitz, Consultant for the Department of Education, the Melcher-Dallas Superintendent and Board Vice President to discuss conducting a Feasibility Study on future sharing options with Melcher-Dallas. The next step in the Feasibility Study is to select interview groups and interview questions. The Department of Education will then put together a report with conclusions and recommendations on sharing options based on projected enrollment numbers, financial conditions of the districts and the interview responses. The Board will continue discussion of the Feasibility Study at the December 13th board meeting.

Superintendent Hulleman also related that he had met with Superintendent Tom Dannen to draft the 2005-2006 school calendar. The starting and ending dates will be the same in both districts. They will also look at time schedules for each district to facilitate the sharing of classes.

BOARD POLICY 204.11: Superintendent Hulleman encouraged board members to have citizens follow the chain of command (i.e. teacher to principal, to superintendent) when responding to questions and concerns. If a problem is unable to be resolved following the chain of command, the citizen may then ask for an agenda item. Board Policy 204.11, Grievances, was briefly reviewed.

BUDGET PROJECTIONS: Superintendent Hulleman related that the administrators would be looking at scheduling and staff assignments for the 2005-06 school year. Recommendations will be brought to the Board at a later date. The Board will review the Early Retirement Policy at the December 13th meeting.

ONE-CENT SALES TAX EXPENDITURES: The Board discussed areas of priority for use of the one-cent sales tax revenue. A list of the top priorities for building and grounds expenditures was reviewed. The consensus of the Board was to repair roofs that are currently leaking first, and then proceed with additional items on the list. Superintendent Hulleman will prepare a report on the condition of the items listed and accurate repair costs. Administrators will also be asked for input on areas of need in each of their buildings.

TEXTBOOK REPLACEMENT: The Curriculum Revision Matrix was reviewed. Superintendent Hulleman related that the Reading/Language Arts textbooks are due to be replaced this year at a cost of approximately $50,000.

LONG RANGE GOALS: Superintendent Hulleman will bring recommendations to the Board after the first of the year for long range goals on budget, curriculum, technology, buildings and grounds, and transportation.

HALL OF PRIDE DISPLAY: The consensus of the Board was to proceed with submitting materials for the Iowa Hall of Pride. The Board suggested contacting community members to help gather information to submit.

JUNIOR HIGH ATHLETIC PRACTICE: A letter and survey on the Junior High athletic practice schedule was sent to parents at the end of November. Thirty-five of the 250 surveys that were sent out have been received as of today. Preliminary results of the survey will be presented at the December 13th board meeting.

President Ron Miller adjourned the meeting at 6:41 p.m.

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