November 10, 2003

The Southeast Warren Board of Education met in regular session November 10, 2003, in the technology center of the Junior/Senior High School building. President Burrell called the meeting to order at 7:05 p.m. The following board members were present: Jennifer Birchette, Chris Hardy, Ron Miller and Chris Wadle. Superintendent John Della Vedova, Secondary Principal Terry Gladfelter, Intermediate Principal Cindy Butler, Primary Principal Charlotte Weaklend and Board Secretary Julie Wilson were in attendance, along with members of the community.

AGENDA: Motion by Wadle, seconded by Miller to approve the agenda. Ayes: 5.



Transportation report:
1. Bus inspections were held on October 28th. We came out in good shape with one spare bus out of service for dirty lights and a fuel leak and a 30-day repair on #9 (spare) for a light out. All repairs have been made and sent back to the state. I am making plans to take bus #16 to Melcher on November 6th to have it inspected because it was on the FFA trip.
2. Football and volleyball are over, so there have not been a lot of trips.
3. We have three drivers taking the 12-hour STOP class on November 8th and 15th in Ankeny.
4. I have received information on bus cameras and will pass it along to you to see. I talked to three different suppliers. Two of them have the same equipment.

Primary Principal’s report:
1. Forty-four grandparents visited kindergartners the week of October 20th. They visited the classroom and ate lunch with their youngster.
2. Again this year, several members of the high school FFA chapter visited the Primary to tell their message of the importance of leading a drug-free life with the students during the week of October 27th at two separate opening assemblies. This year, not only did they pass out red ribbons for the youngsters to wear throughout the week, they also sponsored a drug-free poster contest. Forty students, with the help of their families, created posters for a display in our hallway.
3. All three building principals attended a special meeting sponsored by Heartland AEA for the district’s second year teachers and their mentors at the Norwalk High School on October 29th. This was one of regular monthly meetings that our second year teachers attend with their mentors to review the Iowa Teaching Standards and learn techniques that will enhance their classroom effectiveness. District expectations for documentation of successful demonstration of all of the teaching standards were discussed, with a follow-up meeting back in our own district to be scheduled later. All new teachers in Iowa are expected to present to their principal an acceptable portfolio representing all eight standards near the end of their second year of teaching. It is only after a careful review of the portfolio, classroom observations, and required formal evaluations (four in our case) that building principals decide whether or not to recommend a teacher for permanent licensure through the state of Iowa. At Southeast Warren we are also asking our teachers to provide proof of acceptable performance for each of the forty-two criteria under those standards. While this task seems pretty daunting, one lesson plan, parent contact log, letter to the parents, or classroom observation could cover several criteria. Two of our teachers have attended training at the University of Iowa on preparing their portfolio electronically. They will be sharing their new knowledge with our new teachers soon.
4. Partners in Education conducted a successful book fair in the Primary building the week of November 3rd both during several school days and during parent-teacher conferences. I will have parent participation rates from the conferences in next month’s report.
5. We will be holding Reading Week the week of November 10th. Planned activities include guest readers to visit the classrooms and a “Shut Off the Television and Read” challenge. The theme this year is a patriotic one as we will be celebrating Veteran’s Day at 2:40 p.m. on Tuesday of that week with a special assembly featuring a guest veteran who will be reading to the students, recitations of poems by the second graders, and a demonstration of flag folding by a few of the third graders, and group participation in the singing of several patriotic songs. The public is invited.
6. Third graders completed the MAP tests and results of this initial testing were shared with their parents at parent-teacher conferences. They completed the oral reading fluency tests during the week of October 20th and are scheduled to take the Iowa Tests of Basic Skills during the week of November 17th. These are important tests, along with the DIBELS tests for the K-2 students that I discussed in last month’s report. We will be studying the results carefully as we look for areas of strengths and weaknesses and examine trends, all of which helps us determine what if any changes need to be made in our academic program.

Intermediate Principal’s report:
1. Last week Charlotte, Terry and I entered ITBS and ITED data and participation rates into the Department of Education’s web site. Immediately we were informed we did meet the state assigned goal for adequate yearly progress (AYP) in the reported grade levels and subjects. We will need to continue working on improvement as the state goal is for 100% of students to be proficient by 2013-14 in the subjects of reading, math and science.
2. We will give ITBS in the Intermediate Center beginning on November 13th and finish the following week. Tests will be given the very first part of each day.
3. We celebrated Red Ribbon Week October 20th to 24th. The FFA sponsored a poster contest for 6th grade students. Carl Davis received a savings bond for the best poster.
4. DARE – Drug Abuse Resistance Education will begin for sixth graders on November 17th. Warren County Deputy Randy Spurr will lead the classes. He was the leader last year and worked very well with the students.
5. The Partners in Education group has been very active. They sponsored a book fair for both elementary buildings, they provided supper for the teachers during conferences, and they are planning a special reading night for the intermediate students. We really appreciate all their support.
6. November 11 will be the first of three character trips for the year. Students must complete a community service project outside of school and meet other academic and behavioral requirements in order to attend. We have 45 students who have shown great character and will participate in the trip. Parents and staff members will accompany the students to Indianola for an afternoon of bowling.

Secondary Principal’s report:
1. Juvenile Court School Liaison – I am pleased to welcome Rose Hanrahan to the SEW district. Her first day on the job was Wednesday, November 5th. She is an honor graduate from the University of Northern Iowa with a degree in social work. She is leaving the Department of Human Services to join us. Ms. Hanrahan will be at SEW on Mondays and Wednesdays and every other Friday. The other days will be spent at I-35.
2. Winter Athletic Schedule – There has been concern expressed about the basketball schedule. Parents have expressed concern about the junior high having to practice early in the morning and the needed transportation. A new schedule has been put together so that the junior high teams will practice immediately after school with a rotation between Lacona and Liberty Center. A shuttle bus will be made available at the end of practice. The shuttle schedule will be very similar to the schedule used for football/volleyball practice.
3. Eligibility Requirements – Discussion has begun to review the eligibility requirements for extra curricular activities. The main area of concern is the 4 ½ week period. Should we consider eligibility every 2 ½ weeks? The question to consider is how would that be monitored as to not create more paperwork for the teachers. I have been contacting other schools to review their policies.

Children First Forum – Jennifer Birchette reported that the Children First Forum would like to get a mentoring program in place for the elementary schools. They would like to see a reward program with high school students visiting the elementary to have lunch, play games, and socialize with the students. The CSIP was also discussed. The CSIP will be discussed in more depth at the next meeting. The next meeting will be held on December 1st in Liberty Center.

Athletic Boosters – Ron Miller reported that the Athletic Boosters have put the football field project on hold for another year. They were unable to schedule the dirt work to be done this fall.

Fine Arts Boosters – Jennifer Birchette reported that the Fine Arts Boosters are promoting the sale of the denim shirts. The Southeast Warren fall play will be held next Friday, Saturday and Sunday.

Local Option Sales Tax – Paul Meade reported that the Local Option Sales Tax Committee would like for each school district to form committees to promote the Local Option Sales Tax issue. The next Local Option Sales Tax Committee meeting is scheduled for this Wednesday at 5:30 in Indianola.

CONSENT AGENDA: The following items were on the consent agenda:

1. October 13, October 16, and October 28, 2003, minutes
2. Financial reports

Motion by Miller, seconded by Hardy to approve the items on the consent agenda. Ayes: 5.

SUPERINTENDENT’S REPORT: Superintendent Della Vedova related to the Board that he and Secondary Principal Terry Gladfelter had met with Melcher’s superintendent and high school principal last week to discuss sharing ideas. Dollar amounts will be put to the ideas to be presented to the Melcher-Dallas Board of Education. Options will be discussed further during a board work session to be scheduled later on the agenda.

CONSIDER DISPOSITION OF OLD SCHOOL HOUSE: Ron Miller presented an estimate of approximately $10,000 to repair the old school house with a new roof, paint, doors and concrete floor. Ron’s recommendation was to purchase a metal building instead of spending money on an old building. No action was taken by the Board.

BUS CAMERAS: Bids were received from Robotics Technologies, Inc. (RTI) and Radio Engineering Industries, Inc. (REI) for bus camera systems. Motion by Miller, seconded by Birchette to purchase six cameras for the buses at a cost of $715 per unit from REI. Ayes: 5. The cameras will be paid for from the PPEL Fund.

ISJIT: Motion by Wadle, seconded by Miller to approve (i) Voyageur Asset Management Inc. as the ISJIT Investment Advisor, (ii) the ISJIT Amended and Restated 12b-1 plan for the Iowa Schools Joint Investment Trust (including the Diversified Portfolio and the Direct Government Obligation Portfolio), and (iii) the ISJIT Marketing and Service Agreement between MidAmerican Investment Advisory Group, Inc. and Iowa Schools Joint Investment Trust and hereby authorizes its board secretary to execute the proxy statement. Ayes: 5.

BOARD POLICY 403.5: The Board discussed Board Policy 403.5, “Early Retirement Benefits”. The policy has been void since April 15, 1996. The consensus of the Board was for the superintendent and board secretary to bring back ideas for consideration to update the early retirement policy. John Burrell refrained from all discussion on this agenda item.

REVIEW BOARD POLICY SECTIONS 500 AND 501: Motion by Hardy, seconded by Miller to approve the review and revision of Board Policy Section 500, “Student Personnel” and Section 501, “Student Attendance”. Ayes: 5.

WORK SESSION: The Board scheduled a work session for Thursday, November 20th at 6:00 p.m. in Liberty Center to discuss finances and possible sharing arrangements.

President Burrell adjourned the meeting at 8:30 p.m.

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