NOVEMBER 6, 2002

The Southeast Warren Board of Education met for a work session November 6, 2002, at 7:05 p.m. in the Liberty Center Library. Present were: Kevin Smith, President; Board members Greg Davis, Debbie Miller, and John Burrell; Susan Garton, Superintendent; and Charlotte Weaklend, Primary Principal. Tom Farley, Board Vice President was absent.

Discussion of the Board goals proceeded with a review of each goal and clarification of the components of each goal. The rationale behind each goal was provided for John Burrell, the newest member of the board. In general, the work session was devoted to orientation of Board goals and procedures for Mr. Burrell.

Summary discussion of Goal #1: Support efforts for improved student achievement and learning including assessment and evaluation. Mr. Burrell had objections to the wording of this goal, since student achievement is the duty of the board, not a goal. After some discussion, there was consensus that the goal could be more specific by stating the most critical areas of student achievement where improvement is needed. Superintendent Garton suggested aligning the board goal with the School Improvement Goal, which calls for improvement in reading, math, and science. This idea will be taken to a regular board meeting for full-board consideration.

Goal #2: Continue the focus on improved communication and relationships with parents, staff, teachers, and community. For Mr. Burrell’s orientation, other board members summarized previously discussed strategies to improve communication, to involve the public, to mend bridges with segments of the community, and to deal appropriately with misinformation in the public arena. Mr. Burrell had a number of suggestions regarding communication. He stressed the importance of board members being accessible to the public. He insisted that board meetings demonstrate good teaching, through the use of overhead transparencies for each report and business item. He had numerous complaints regarding current communication procedures.

Goal #3: Develop a long range financial plan. An overview of some of the major aspects of financial planning was provided for orientation purposes.

The board reviewed procedures for developing the agenda, amending the agenda, and following the agenda. Board members reviewed a tentative agenda for the next board meeting for the purpose of determining how much of the agenda was related to student achievement and learning. Mr. Burrell had many suggestions for revising the agenda.
All board members agreed upon the need to help community members feel welcome at board meetings. All agreed that public participation was to be encouraged. The policies and procedures for public participation were reviewed.

President Smith adjourned the meeting at 9:25.

Minutes prepared by Susan Garton

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