AUGUST 26, 2002

The Southeast Warren Board of Education met for a work session August 26, 2002, at 6:00 p.m. at The Sports Page in Indianola, Iowa. The following board members were present: President Gerald Judkins, Tom Farley, Kevin Smith, Debbie Miller and Greg Davis. Superintendent Susan Garton, Primary Principal Charlotte Weaklend, Intermediate Principal Cindy Butler and Secondary Principal Terry Gladfelter were also in attendance.

The board met with the three building principals and superintendent during the first half of the session. Principals were asked what needs existed at each of the buildings. This led to a general discussion of the facilities plan for the district. The board reviewed the previously developed plan and identified priorities for future years. The revised facility plan moves the Lacona gym to a top priority. The minor details associated with the final completion of the Milo and Lacona buildings (punch list) is another top priority.

The board discussed grant possibilities. A construction grant is available with a 37% match. A fire and life safety grant is available without matching funds. The board authorized the superintendent to try for the fire and life safety grant, and for a small construction grant—a construction project which would not require voter approved increase in taxes. General agreement for a grant-funded project was a community wellness center requiring reconstruction of the Lacona gym. Since the project would be a community center, the city will be asked to participate in the reconstruction or furnishing of the facility.

Board goals for next year were discussed. Goals to bring forward to the next board meeting include: 1) Developing a long range financial plan; 2) Improved parental and community participation in the affairs of the school; 3) Computerized student information system in place and used for reporting to the public; 4) Repair/rebuild relationships with constituents; 5) Be proactive in handling conflict, administration/employee or public/board: 6) Promote optimal employee performance at all levels.

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