JULY 16, 2002

The Southeast Warren Board of Education met in special session July 16, 2002, at 7:00 p.m. in the media center of the junior/senior high building. The meeting was called to order at 7:03 p.m. by President Judkins. The following board members were present: Tom Farley, Greg Davis, Debbie Miller and Kevin Smith. Superintendent Susan Garton and Superintendent Secretary LuAnn Ohnemus were also in attendance, along with members of the community.

AGENDA: Superintendent Susan Garton asked if the Board would like to add the Superintendent’s Report as an additional agenda item. President Judkins suggested the addition of Superintendent’s Report as item 10. Motion by Smith, seconded by Miller to approve the agenda as amended. Ayes: 5.

CONSIDER LAGOON PROPOSAL: Corey Frank, Director of Warren County Environmental Health and Bob Sandy, Chairman, Warren County Board of Supervisors, were in attendance to provide information and answer questions regarding the sale of the lagoons to Warren County. Mr. Frank requested the Board approve a letter of intent for the proposed sale of the lagoons and a small area suitable for expanding the primary cell for the sum of $40,000 and waiver of future operating and maintenance costs for the school district’s operations. This letter of intent is necessary for the County to qualify for the grant, which will fund the Liberty Center wastewater treatment project. Motion by Farley, seconded by Miller to approve the letter of intent of sale. Ayes: 5.

PERSONNEL CHANGES: Superintendent Garton recommended the approval of the resignations from Chris Merfeld, Special Education; Chuck Jones, head baseball coach; and Tracy Hook, Jr.-Sr. High School Principal. She also has a resignation from Chuck Jones, Athletic Director, but recommended delaying its acceptance until she could discuss with Mr. Jones the effective date. Motion by Smith, seconded by Farley to accept the resignations, with the exception of Chuck Jones, Athletic Director. Ayes: 5.

Superintendent Garton recommended the approval of hiring Sue Fears, one-on-one associate at the Intermediate building, and Joel Vos, cross-country coach. Motion by Miller, seconded by Smith to approve the new employees. Ayes: 5.

Superintendent Garton also related that Chuck Jones would accept a voluntary transfer to 6th grade teacher and Pat Butler would accept a voluntary transfer to 6th grade resource.

SCHOOL FEES: Fees for athletic passes and book rent for the 2002-03 school year were discussed. Superintendent Garton recommended increasing fees as follows for the goal of getting athletic accounts out of debt and keeping up with textbook costs: adult pass from $45 to $50; student pass from $35 to $40 family pass from $140 to $150; book rent from $20 to $25. Motion by Farley, seconded by Smith to increase passes as recommended, with the exception of no increase to the family pass, and to increase book rent to $22.50. Ayes: 5

SEW EDUCATION ASSOCIATION REQUEST: Superintendent Garton explained that the SEW Education Association has requested a time to meet on contract time during staff inservice days to discuss interest based bargaining procedures. Association representatives received initial information on this bargaining process and would like to present it to the entire association for approval. Motion by Farley, seconded by Miller to approve the SEW Education Association meeting during the August 19 inservice.

LEGISLATIVE ACTION PRIORITIES: Item tabled until members could review the items further and send their recommendations to Julie Wilson to compile.

STUDENT HANDBOOKS: Debbie Miller related she would like to see the handbooks be user friendly and easy to understand. There also needs to be clear communication with parents. Tom Farley related with regard to the school calendar that there are too many early dismissals and fluctuating dismissal times. He feels this leads to less instructional time and makes planning for parents more difficult. Superintendent Garton advised that handbooks are still in the process of revision.

REQUEST TO ADDRESS THE BOARD: David Squier expressed his concerns with regard to various board decisions. Particular concerns included where the new buildings were located, putting in new lockers but having faculty and administration problems, and that these problems trickle down to affect the students.

SUPERINTENDENT’S REPORT: Fundraising: Last year’s campaign to request donations rather than run various sales fundraisers was well received by the community and raised nearly $10,000 for the Activity Fund. Several of the accounts have come out of debt but others are still in the red. We are considering repeating the same kind of campaign this year, but are trying to avoid a yearly collection. Miller related that contributors need to be made aware that they can designate to which account their donation would be applied and that they can donate any time throughout the year. After discussion, it was decided to delay initiating the donation campaign at this time until we could research ways to involve students and sponsors directly in raising money for their activities.

Bingo Request: We have received a request from a local community group to hold Bingo nights at the school, which would require the school to get a gambling license. The Board did not want the school to have a gambling license and board policy needs to be reviewed with regard to facility rental.

Proposal to Purchase Building Lot: In order to receive grant funds for the purpose of securing housing, a requirement is to have a lot available to build on. This would be either for a student building project or to provide housing for new teachers. An ad was in today’s local paper that the City of Milo was accepting bids on two lots. Nothing affordable has been found so far in the Liberty Center area.

Class Scheduling: We are in the processing of creating and revising the class schedules for grades 7-12. With Chuck Jones transferring to 6th grade, we may be able to absorb his classes without replacing his position. However, we are running short in our course offerings for high school math, and would like to advertise for a high school math instructor.

Principal Search: Currently we have received 30 responses to our initial ad for Jr.-Sr. High Principal, with the candidates possessing various levels of experience. Timeline for the interview process will be to accept and review applications this week, schedule interviews for next week, and have 1 to 3 finalists to interview with the board the week of July 29. Criteria for selection will include being a strong instructional leader, having people and peace-making skills, and being an involved member of the administrative team. I will be using the Gallop system for the telephone interviews, which involves a scoring process that will reveal an unbiased rating of each candidate.

Staff Retreat: Originally we had planned our first staff inservice days to be held at Springbrook Park near Guthrie Center. We have decided to change the location due to feedback and concerns from several teachers. We will now hold the first day of inservice at the Catholic Church in Milo, with an evening cookout at Butler Pond near Lacona, and the second day will be a morning session only at the Lacona School with lunch at Rudy’s.

We have sent today to all teachers our proposed Curriculum Development Model and Staff Development Plan, and look forward to any feedback or suggestions.

President Judkins adjourned the meeting at 8:23 p.m.

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