Southeast Warren School Board
Regular Board Meeting

High School ICN Room

Monday, May 8, 2017
5:30 PM

The agenda is published online approximately the Friday before the meeting.

The public may speak during the "comments from the audience" portion of the agenda. Each person will be limited to five minutes. If a member of the public wishes to speak to an item on the agenda a form may be obtained from the Board Secretary and must be submitted prior to the beginning of the meeting.

  1. Call to order
  2. Roll call
  3. Approve agenda
  4. Comments from the audience/The Board Salutes
  5. Reports
    1. Transportation
    2. Principal
    3. Athletic Director
    4. Board Assignments
  6. Consent Agenda:
    1. Approve minutes
    2. Approve financial reports
    3. Approve second reading of Board Policy 602.3E, “Wellness Policy Goals”
  7. Superintendent’s report
  8. Unfinished business
    1. None
  9. New business
    1. Discussion only
      1. Consider seeking bids for summer mowing
      2. Season passes
      3. School logo/school mascot
    2. Action items
      1. Approve bid for purchase of stage curtains
      2. Approve FFA trip to the National Convention
      3. Approve personnel changes
      4. Approve list of potential graduates
      5. Approve 2017 tenure awards
      6. Approve use of facilities for band lessons
      7. Approve proposal for lease of copy machines
      8. Approve agreement for shared Juvenile Court School-Based Liaison services
      9. Accept donation of Liberty Center property
      10. Approve Jostens School Store Service Agreement
      11. Approve Agreement Concerning Professional Field Experiences with Central Michigan University
      12. Approve Agreement with Infinite Campus for Online Registration Program
      13. Approve sharing agreement with Indianola Community School District for swimming
      14. Approve Comprehensive School Improvement Plan Goals
      15. Approve revision to Board Policy 408.3, “Qualification, Recruitment, Selection”
      16. Approve revision to Board Policy 401.3A, “Substance-Free Workplace”
      17. Approve revision to Board Policy 804.6, “Classification of Accounts”
      18. Approve revision to Board Policy 701.1, “School Nutrition Program”
      19. Approve revision to Board Policy 701.4, “Free or Reduced Price Meals Eligibility”
      20. Approve first reading of Board Policy 701.5, “Meal Charges”
      21. Review 2015-2016 annual audit report
      22. Approve change to June board meeting date
      23. Review Board Policy Sections 1004, “Use of School Facilities”, 1005, “Community Activities Involving Students”, and 1006, “Community Activities Involving School Grounds”
  10. Adjournment

For the information on the current agenda email Julie Wilson

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