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2020 Graduation Plans

MAY 15th – Senior Drive-Through

Seniors will have a drive-through system for picking up their diplomas, awards, etc., along with dropping off any school-owned items .  This is not a public event, it is only for seniors.  Pictures will be available later. 

The public is invited to watch a Graduate Car Procession through the towns in our district on May 15th. (times are approximate). 

6:15 Liberty Center

6:30 Milo: 

  • G-58 to 1st
  • 1st to Main
  • Main to S23/ 4th
  • 4th to Walnut
  • Walnut to 2nd
  • 2nd to Elm
  • Elm to S23 and then on to Lacona

6:55 Lacona :

  • Start at the top of the hill by the school
  • Go down Washington to Franklin
  • Franklin to Vine
  • Vine to Main
  • Main to C-store/Elevator and end the procession

Tentative Upcoming Dates:
Tentative dates for an actual graduation ceremony are: June 21 or July 19
Tentative dates for Jr-Sr Prom are June 13, July 11, or August 1.

As always, updates will be posted on the school website and school Facebook/Twitter pages.

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