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Transportation and Bus Information


When adverse road conditions occur, running bus routes can be a challenge. The district will announce through local news media any delays, cancellations, or early dismissals, along with any adjustments to bus routes. These will be classified as "Buses Where Possible" and "Bus Hard Surface Routes".

Buses Where Possible: Drivers will run their regular routes, but in some cases may not be able to reach certain residences. The driver will contact the parents of those students affected to make alternate arrangements. We have found that our parents are very helpful in these instances, and we appreciate their cooperation.

Bus Hard Surface Routes: Each driver is assigned a “Hard Surface Schedule” whereby they will stop only at the designated addresses. Parents of households not on this schedule should make their own arrangements to meet the bus at one of those stops at the designated time, or bring the child to school if possible. Certainly parents are urged to use their own discretion regarding whether family vehicles are able to navigate roads in their area safely. It is understandable that some students my not be able to meet the bus or get to school. Absences caused by a parent’s decision not to put their children on potentially unsafe roads will be excused.

Notice that buses are running only on hard surfaces will be accomplished through the normal closing and delay announcements radio and television stations.

Please communicate any questions or concerns to Transportation Director Joel Mosher (click for email), at 641-942-6198 or 641-344-5270.


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