Charging Levels for Students

To help manage your student's account use, we have set up the following charging levels:

  • Level I- Meal only - students may charge one meal per serving period (lunch and breakfast) per day.
  • Level II- Allow charging meals, plus extra servings and a la carte items.

Please inform your students of their charging levels.

The staff will make every attempt to follow these levels, butit is the responsibility of the student to know what they can and cannot charge, particularly at the Jr-Sr High School level where there are more options for students.

If you have any request that is not covered by the two levels, such as extra milk only or breakfast limits, please let us know so we can put a notation on the account. If you have any questions or concerns please e-mail LuAnn Ohnemus or call 641-466-3510.

If you did not indicate a charging level on your registration form, they will be automatically be a level I.  If you would like to change it, let us know.