Congratulations to the 2022 Dollars for Scholars Recipients!

18 days ago

Congratulations to all the 2022 graduates! Dollars for Scholars awarded scholarships at Awards Night on May 10. Scholarship recipients are sent a check after they have completed one semester of college. There was an instruction sheet along with the award certificate so please make sure you read and follow the instructions to receive your money.

Dollars for Scholars has been serving breakfast in Milo on the 4th of July for 30 years! We use the proceeds to fund our scholarships. We are passing the torch this year to the FFA Alumni Committee. They will also be using the proceeds to fund their scholarships.

Class of 2022 Award Recipients:

Annebelle Kennedy - Beryl Phipps Presley Award

Annebelle Kennedy - Cindy Snuggs Memorial Award

Cameron Dittmer - Darla Jo Reynolds Memorial Award

Josie Hartman - Darla Jo Reynolds Memorial Award

Jeffrey Oakley - Darla Jo Reynolds Memorial Award

Jamie Ruggles - Darla Jo Reynolds Memorial Award

Cole Fisher - Dewey Hommer Memorial Award

Samantha Benesh - Dr. A. L. McCormick Ohnemus Memorial Award

Emma King - Elzora Town Memorial Award

Madeline Logue - Elzora Town Memorial Award

Liberty Mitchell - Elzora Town Memorial Award

Ali Wadle - Elzora Town Memorial Award

Kara Doss - Ernest Bechtel Memorial Award

Josie Hartman - Ernest Bechtel Memorial Award

Matt Sonnenburg - Frank Uballe, Jr. Memorial Award

Shianne Eichhorn-Donner - James L. and Grace S. Butler Award

Cole Fisher - James L. and Grace S. Butler Award

Shelbi Wadle - James L. and Grace S. Butler Award

Guinevere Mozak - Janine Hess Jensen Memorial Award

Eve Balk - Karen Duncan Memorial Award

Ali Wadle - Marty Schurman Memorial Award

Madeline Logue - Meghan Seuferer Memorial Award

Zoey Sherman - Meghan Seuferer Memorial Award

Kaylee Bauer - Merle and Thelma Westerly Memorial Award

Blake Graham - Nancy Mead Memorial Award

Brock Manser - Patricia Riley Memorial Award

Grace Morhardt Patricia Riley Memorial Award

Skylar Malli - Patti Chumbley Memorial Award

Cade Nelson - Richard Forinash Scholarship

Eve Balk - S.E.Warren PTA Award

2022 Scholarship Recipients

About Dollars for Scholars

18 days ago

Dollars for Scholars has 27 named perpetual scholarships that we award each year. These scholarships are recognized for donating at least $10,000 to the organization. All seniors that apply are awarded a scholarship. If we have more than 27 applications, the organization awards the remaining scholarships. All donations of any amount are invested and we use the interest earned on these investments to award our scholarships each year. All the awards this year will be $1,000.00.

We appreciate and encourage any type of donation. We are inspired to see the students further their education by attending college or a trade school and hope that the money awarded can help them do that. A huge THANK YOU to the SEW staff that donate to Dollars for Scholars through payroll deduction. SEW staff donated almost $2,500 to Dollars for Scholars this school year.

These applications are numbered and read to the Dollars for Scholars members by the guidance counselor, principals, or other personnel. Dollar for Scholars members give numerical scores to applications based on work experience, school and community activities, and appraisals included in the applications. These scores are then tabulated  Scholarships are awarded using these final tabulations. Everything remains anonymous until after all selections have been made and presentations are made at the annual Senior Awards Night.

Dollars for Scholars also raises money through a toy tractor show each February, the Fourth of July Breakfast in Milo, payroll deductions from school employees, Memorials, and other contributions.