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Student Registration

Sports Participation

about 1 month ago

Students in grades 7-12 only

Documents needed for sports participation should be submitted to the Jr-Sr High school office prior to the student’s participation in any school-sponsored sport, including cheerleading, dance, trap team and rugby. You can also request these SE Warren forms if visiting these Indianola clinics: Mercy, The Iowa Clinic, or Unity Point.

Click here for the documents needed:

  • Athletic Physical
  • Concussion Information sign-off
  • Emergency/Medical card
  • Public Conduct form

Keep this form for future reference:


24 days ago

Questions? Need assistance? Please call or email the district office.

District Admininstrative Assistant:
LuAnn Ohnemus

Email: click to email
16331 Tyler St., Liberty Center, IA 50145

Parent Portal Request:
or LuAnn Ohnemus - click to email  or any of the building secretaries below.

After August 10th these offices will be staffed:

  • Primary School Secretary:
    Patty Harrington

    Email: click to email
    316 N. 5th St., Milo, IA 50166
  • Intermediate School Secretary:
    Amy Hartman

    Email: click to email
    519 N. Washington, Lacona, IA 50139
  • Jr-Sr High School Secretary:
    Janie Weeks

    Email: click to email
    16331 Tyler St., Liberty Center, IA 50145

2020-21 Free/Reduced Meal Application (optional)

24 days ago

The 2020-21 Free/Reduced Meal Application is a part of the fall online registration program.  Parents will login to JMC and complete the application as a part of their registration.  For those who prefer a paper application, links to those documents are below.

If you wish to apply for free or reduced meals and school fees, complete the application above and submit it to the district office (see below). If you received a notice that your children are automatically eligible through state direct certification, you will need to sign the fee waiver form that you received with your notice and return it to the district office.

Supporting documents:

Mail applications to: SE Warren District Office, 16331 Tyler St., Liberty Center, IA 50145
Or email to: LuAnn Ohnemus - click to email