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For a student to graduate, a minimum of 6 1/2 credits must be taken each semester. Students may take more than 6 1/2 credits per semester, but a minimum of 6 1/2 is required.

2015 & 2016 Requirements
1 Credit = 1 Semester
Bold = Required
Language Arts
8 credits
2 - English 9
2 - English 10
2 - English 11

2 - English 12, British Liturature, Creative Expression, Advanced Composition, Oral Communications, Foundations 1, 2.
6 credits
2 - Pre-Algebra or Algebra I
2 - Algebra I or Geometry

2 - Geometry, Algebra II, Advanced Math, Statistics, Consumer Math
6 Credits

2 - Physical Science (9)
2 - Biology (10
2 - Chemistry, Physics, Anatomy & Physiology, or Environmental Science

*4 - Animal Science and Advanced Animal Science (2 years) may be used to replace one of the above
(not accepted as college entrance science)

Social Studies
8 Credits
1 - World Geography (9)
2 - World History (10)
2 - U. S. History (11)
1 - Government

2 - Social Studies Electives
Business & Office Education
1 Credit
1 - Computer Applications
1 - Civics
1 - 21st Century Living
CPR 0 credits Required for graduation
5 required credits = 2 Liberal Arts + 2 Vocational + 1 either of the two areas
Liberal Arts
2 Credits
2 - Any Art or Music course or Foreign Language
2 Credits
2 - Any Business, Family & Consumer Science, Industrial Tech., Agriculture, Health Occupations
Liberal Arts or Vocational
1 Credit
1 - Any of the above Liberal Arts or Vocational
Sub-Total - required credits
40 Credits
12 Credits
Note - if desiring to go to Iowa or Iowa State, 2 years (4 credits) of a Foreign Language are required.
Total required for graduation
52 Credits


Southeast Warren High School
Southeast Warren School Core Diploma
(Effective 2008-2009)

A student is considered a Southeast Warren High School graduate if the student receives a diploma approved by the local Board of Education. Students who receive a GED or a DMACC high school adult education diploma are not considered to be graduates of Southeast Warren High School.

  1. High school diplomas are issued by local school districts only.
  2. The alternative diploma is designed to prepare students to complete a high school diploma, who otherwise may be considered a dropout.
  3. One-hundred percent of eligible public school students in grade 11 will be tested using the Iowa Tests of Educational Development as a standardized assessment for math, reading, and science. Students earning the core diploma will be required to complete this assessment.
  4. The personal needs of each student will be considered when making application for the core diploma. The team will develop an individualized plan for each student.
  5. The student and parent/guardian must request their child be allowed to earn the core diploma, but only after approval by a building principal.
  6. A contract must be completed, and a meeting held with the student, parent, counselor, and a building principal for final approval.
  7. The total number of credits required for the completion of this diploma is 36.
  8. Students will earn fewer total credits, but must demonstrate competency in the core academic areas.
  9. A student may be placed on a modified schedule to accommodate his/her academic needs.
  10. There is a continuation component to the program if students are involved in personal or medical situations that cause them to leave school.
  11. This alternative diploma is awarded to students that complete the requirements successfully. This diploma will be entitled a Southeast Warren High School Core Diploma. Students completing the program will not be included in the final class rank.
  12. Students progress will be reviewed semi-annually.
  13. Students completing the program successfully will have a separate transcript that will indicate a Southeast Warren School Core Diploma. Southeast Warren High School will keep all students records, grade cards, and standardized test results.
  14. Students who complete the program successfully will be allowed to participate in the Southeast Warren High School commencement exercises.
  15. Students involved in this program will be allowed to participate in extra-curricular activities at Southeast Warren High School.
  16. Students earning the Southeast Warren High School Core Diploma will not be allowed to officially graduate and be recognized as a graduate at commencement ceremonies until the class they started kindergarten with graduates.

Requirements for Core Diploma

8 credits      Language Arts
6 credits      Math
6 credits      Science
6 credits      Social Studies
                  (includes United States History, World History, Geography, &                    Government)
3 credits      Physical Education
1 credit       Computer Applications
1 credit       Career/Tech
5 credits      Electives
36 Total

Completion of the Southeast Warren High School Core Diploma program will be done on site at Southeast Warren High School or the Indianola Learning Center. This program will be found on the principals of appropriateness, flexibility, and credibility. The program is appropriate because it may be used with high school students through semi-independent study courses. These courses will enable students to earn full credit, make up deficiencies for graduation and study at their own pace. Accurate records are kept to allow for course interruptions and continuation of classes for students with special circumstances.

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