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Course Selection Info
Graduation Requirements
College Admission Req.
College - Foreign Language Req.
NCAA Academic Eligibility
Course Listings
AP and Extra Courses

Course Descriptions

Business & Office Education
Computer Technology
Extended Learning Program
Family & Consumer Science
Foreign Language
Health Occupations
Industrial Technology

Language Arts
Physical Education
Social Studies
Special Education

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Addendum to Course Offerings

The following courses may be offered next year based on students' requests. SOme courses may be delivered on ICN or the Internet. See Mr. Tierney if interested in any of these courses.

Advanced Accounting
Ag Marketing

Art History
German I
German II
Workforce Readiness
AP Calculus
AP Chemistry

AP English
AP Government
AP Macroeconomics
AP Microeconomics
AP Physics
AP Statistics
AP Spanish
AP US History

What are AP Classes?

In Advanced Placement classes, students have the opportunity to thoroughly explore a subject area they're interested in. For this reason, many AP students find that they have a clearer idea of what they want to study when they get to college.

Gain exposure to college-level curriculum.

Advanced Placement courses provide highly capable students with college-level classes while they're still in high school. AP students learn the skills and study habits they need in order to succeed in college. They study with a peer group of motivated, highly capable students.

Improve their chances of being admitted to competitive colleges.

Getting into college is a competitive process. AP courses strengthen student' high school transcripts and college applications; admissions officers know that applicants who've taken one or more AP courses are better prepared for the rigors of college than those who have not.

Earn college credit in high school.

Not only will student receive high school credit for taking an AP course, they can earn college credit if they score high enough on the AP Exam. Students pay a fee to take an AP Exam at the end of the year. Colleges may award college credit based on the exam score. Check your college's policy for AP class credit.





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