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Jr-Sr High School Curriculum Guide

Course Selection Guide

High school requirements are set to provide students with a well-rounded educational background in a variety of subject areas. Students will have enough flexibility through elective courses to be able to explore several areas of interest. Employment entrance level skill preparation is also possible in several of the vocational courses offered.

It is important that students maintain enough flexibility in course choices so they are not only prepared for a specific college major or career, but also for other post-secondary interests. These options include entering the job market immediately, entering the military, attending an appropriate vocational or technical school, or attending a 2 or 4-year college. By successfully completing Southeast Warren graduation requirements and meeting grade and entrance test requirements, any student could conceivably enter a post-secondary education program. It is essential, however, that a student maintain a good achievement level and attendance record for this to be accomplished.


  1. Consider course selections carefully and discuss them with your parents, counselor, or appropriate teachers.
  2. Requirements for graduation are set to help you experience a variety of subject areas in order to help you discover areas of interest and ability. In addition, they are established to give you the best background, either for going on to college, a trade school, or a job.
  3. Elective courses allow you to experience new areas or to concentrate on a particular area.


Students are encouraged to maximize the productivity of their time during the school day. All junior high and high school students are required to enroll in a minimum of six (6) academic classes—not counting physical education, vocal or band.

Course changes can be made prior to the start of the second week of the semester. After that time, changes are made only if the change is deemed necessary by the principal, counselor, or teacher. Parents may be asked to send a permission slip for students dropping a year-long class after completing only one semester. A student may be changed from one section to another at the discretion of the teacher and principal.


Students in grades 9-12 may receive academic credits that count toward the graduation requirements through courses offered in post-secondary institutions. The student may receive credit for courses approved by the Board of Education. Courses shall be approved on a case-by-case basis. Students in grades 9-12 will be reimbursed for tuition for an approved course up to a maximum of $250 per course. This does not include summer coursework. Students may not receive high school credit and college credit for the same class unless approved by the high school principal.


Students in grades 7-12 participating in any extracurricular activity shall maintain a good academic record. Student eligibility will be governed by a two week grading period. After the 3rd week of each semester, teachers will drop grades with the guidance counselor every two weeks. Any student that has a failing grade during a 2 week cycle will be designated ineligible to participate in extracurricular activities for period of 2 weeks. Students that are designated academically ineligible will be allowed to practice but cannot play. Students receiving any failing grades will not be permitted to attend any nonacademic field trips during the ineligibility period. Semester grades: Students failing 1 or more classes for the semester will be designated academically ineligible for a period of 1 academic quarter.


ACADEMIC SUBJECT: A course which meets daily for one class period. One full credit is earned.
CREDIT: Numerical weight assigned to a course, usually one per course per semester.
ELECTIVE: A freely chosen course that is not required for graduation
PREREQUISITE: A course which can only be taken if a certain earlier or lower level course is taken first.
REQUIRED COURSE: Any course necessary to fulfill graduation requirements set by the Southeast Warren Board of Education, and recommended by the State of Iowa.





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