Regular Board Meeting
August 14, 2017

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The Southeast Warren Board of Education met in regular session August 14, 2017, in the ICN room of the Junior/Senior High School building. Board President Ron Miller called the meeting to order at 5:30 p.m. The following board members were present: Anna Rowe, Rande Seuferer, and Larrie Williams. Dave Youmans arrived at 5:45 p.m. Superintendent/Secondary Principal Delane Galvin, Elementary Principal John Burrell, Transportation Director Joel Mosher, and Board Secretary Julie Wilson were also in attendance, along with members from the community.

AGENDA: Motion by Larrie Williams, seconded by Anna Rowe to approve the agenda. Ayes: 4. (Dave Youmans was absent for the vote.)

BOARD SALUTES: Superintendent Galvin recognized the following students for receiving baseball and softball post season honors:

All Conference 1st Team: Bryce Hall, Kaleb Bauer
All Conference 2nd Team: Brock Kyner, Colby Page, Blake Bauer, Alex Hommer
All Conference All Academic: Colby Page, Lane Dittmer, Hunter Rowe, Blake Bauer, Kaleb Bauer and Beau Coffman
All District 1st Team: Blake Bauer
All District 2nd Team: Colby Page

All Conference 2nd Team: Lauren Hartman, Kennedy Johns, and AJ Dorsey
All Conference All Academic: Shannon Coffman, Rylee Youmans, Lauren Hartman
All District: AJ Dorsey


Transportation Report submitted by Joel Mosher:

We had seven extra bus trips for the month of July. The rest of the month was spent doing general repairs.

Elementary Principal’s Report submitted by John Burrell:

Elementary Information
• Teachers’ first day is August 17th

• Open House August 21st
o Intermediate Building- 5:00-6:00pm
o Primary Building- 5:30-6:30pm

• Students’ first day is August 23rd

• The state has moved away from using Iowa TIER for FAST testing. All assessments and data surrounding Early Literacy and Differentiated Accountability will now be housed in FastBridge.

• PIE has purchased additional t-shirts for new students, staff, and all incoming preschool students

• Water bottle filling station has been installed. The money for this was donated by Wellmark (Bev Schurman’s volunteer hours earned this). We also received $1,000 from Wellmark for each elementary library.

• Thanks to custodians and all summer help for their hard work getting the buildings ready for the upcoming school year.

• Thanks to all the students and staff who participated in this year’s Summer School.

Athletic Director’s Report submitted by Blake Cruikshank:

We currently have 31 boys that attended the 1st practice of the season. We have a full schedule for varsity and JV.

We currently have 15 girls that have been at the 1st 2 days of practice but that number might go up by one or 2. We currently have a full game schedule for varsity with about 7 playing dates for JV

Cross Country
We have 11 boys and girls out for cross country this year. We have a full schedule for cross country.

We are trying to make sure that everyone has a current physical and has turned in all paperwork by the end of the 1st week of practice.

JH Sports will begin practice on the 1st day of school. I would imagine that we will not have any after school practices for JH Sports since the last block of the day allows for roughly an hour of practice daily.

We have full schedules for football, volleyball and cross country.

Athletic Boosters: Anna Rowe related that five new members attended the last Athletic Boosters’ meeting. The Boosters are trying to get elementary parents involved before they get to high school in an effort to increase involvement.

Anna asked for consideration of giving the officers of the Athletic Boosters activity passes during the time they are serving. This will be added to the September board meeting agenda for consideration.

CONSENT AGENDA: The following items were on the consent agenda:
1. July 20, 2017 minutes
2. Financial reports
3. Approve the School Nurse, Superintendent, and the Dean of Students as Level I child abuse investigators and the Warren County Sheriff’s Department as Level II child abuse investigator
4. Approve Peoples Savings Bank and Wells Fargo (ISJIT) as bank depositories and approve official depository limits of $3,500,000 for Peoples Savings Bank and $2,000,000 for Wells Fargo
5. Approve Indianola Record-Herald as official newspaper
6. Appoint Ahlers & Cooney, P.C. as School District Legal Counsel
7. Approve second reading of Board Policy 407.3A, “Substance-Free Workplace”
Motion by Rande Seuferer, seconded by Anna Rowe to approve the items on the consent agenda. Ayes: 4. (Dave Youmans was absent for the vote.)

SUPERINTENDENT’S REPORT: Superintendent Galvin reported on the following items:
1. The software license for FAST testing was purchased last year.
2. Things are getting close to being ready to roll for the start of the school year. The concession stand remodel in the High School building is very close to being done.
3. The new online registration system went pretty well. Several people came in to use the school’s computers to register.
4. The sheet metal to finish the High School roof replacement is on back order. It will only take 1 to 2 days to complete the project after the sheet metal comes in.
5. The air conditioning unit in the new gym is still not working correctly. The manufacturer will be contacted to see if there is any compensation that can be received for all of the repairs that have been made to it since the time it was installed.
6. The trees have been removed from the storage building site. The dirt work is scheduled to start sometime this week.
7. Teachers return to work on August 17th. Interviews will be held for the Model Teacher position at the High School after the teachers return to work.
8. The staff team building day is August 18th at Jericho Hills.
9. The first student day is August 23rd.

CONSIDER CHANGE TO 8-MAN FOOTBALL: Superintendent Galvin related to the Board that there were approximately 17 parents at the public forum to discuss changing from 11-man to 8-man football. Approximately 12 of the parents voted in favor of changing and approximately 5 parents voted against the change. The Board vote at this meeting will not be official until the student count is completed for the Certified Enrollment report. The number of students in grades 9-11 must be 115 or less in order to change to 8-man football. Superintendent Galvin recommended changing to 8-man football provided the enrollment numbers come in at 115 or less. Motion by Anna Rowe, seconded by Rande Seuferer to change from 11-man football to 8-man football if the student count qualifies the district to do so. Ayes: 5.

PERSONNEL CHANGES: Superintendent Galvin recommended approving the supplemental appointments of Shelley Mitzelfelt, Mentoring Stipend in the amount of $1,365 per year; and Scott Dirkx, Head JH Volleyball Coach. Motion by Larrie Williams, seconded by Dave Youmans to approve the personnel changes as presented. Ayes: 5.

LETTER OF UNDERSTANDING WITH SCHOOLBLOCKS TO HOST DISTRICT WEBSITE: Superintendent Galvin related to the Board that for several years the SEW website has been hosted on the district’s own server and the current website software is out of date. Superintendent Galvin recommended approving the letter of understanding with SchoolBlocks to host the district website. There is a one-time startup fee of $800 plus $1,404 annually for the hosting fee. With SchoolBlocks multiple individuals will be able to update the website instead of one or two people making updates. Motion by Rande Seuferer, seconded by Anna Rowe to approve the letter of understanding with SchoolBlocks to host the district website. Ayes: 4.

ATHLETIC HANDBOOK: Superintendent Galvin recommended approving the athletic handbook with the changes as noted. Motion by Anna Rowe, seconded by Dave Youmans to approve the athletic handbook. Ayes: 5.

INTERFUND TRANSFER FROM NUTRITION FUND TO GENERAL FUND: Superintendent Galvin related to the Board that due to a change in accounting regulations indirect costs (equipment repairs, bank fees, postage, etc.) cannot be paid directly from the Nutrition Fund. The General Fund must pay for those items and then charge the Nutrition Fund for indirect costs. Superintendent Galvin recommended approving an interfund transfer from the Nutrition Fund to the General Fund in the amount of $6,220.09 for indirect costs. Motion by Larrie Williams, seconded by Dave Youmans to approve an interfund transfer from the Nutrition Fund to the General Fund in the amount of $6,220.09. Ayes: 5.

ADJOURNMENT: Motion by Rande Seuferer, seconded by Anna Rowe to adjourn the meeting. Ayes: 5. The time was 6:05 P.M.

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