Regular Board Meeting
January 13, 2014

The Southeast Warren Board of Education met in regular session January 13, 2014 in the media center of the Junior/Senior High School building. Board President Ron Miller called the meeting to order at 5:30 p.m. The following board members were present: Bruce Williams, Larrie Williams, and Rande Seuferer. Jennifer Mihalovich was absent. Superintendent/Secondary Principal Delane Galvin, Elementary Principal Dan Dow, Transportation Director Joel Mosher, and Board Secretary Julie Wilson were also in attendance, along with members from the community.

AGENDA: Motion by Bruce Williams, seconded by Larrie Williams to approve the agenda. Ayes: 4.


Transportation Report submitted by Joel Mosher:

We had 22 extra bus trips for the month. The rest of the month was spent doing general repairs.

Primary Principal’s Report submitted by Dan Dow:

Small Town Country Christmas on Saturday, December 7th, was a success. Many cookies, books, and classroom basket raffle tickets were sold. The elves’ workshop, which entertained many children while their parents shopped, and vendor fees from several community vendors, who set up their tables in the new gym, brought in some additional revenue.

The basket raffle money will be used to fund our field trips at both the Primary and the Intermediate buildings, and the rest will be used for future playground needs and classroom supplies. The Country Christmas day, along with our fall and spring fundraisers, is the three biggest fundraisers for the Partners in Education group.

PIE is sponsoring an Accelerated Reader party for second and third graders reaching their reading goals for the second quarter on January 17th.

Second quarter report cards will be sent home the week of January 13th. Teachers are preparing for our upcoming parent/teacher conferences in February.

Third graders will be given the Iowa Tests of Basic Skills the week of January 13th, and kindergarten through third graders will be taking their mid-year DIBELS tests during that same week. Following these tests, the teachers met on Data Day and reorganized reading intervention groups. These new assignments, based on student performance, started on Monday, January 27th.

On January 26th, PIE served supper during the adult volleyball league. This free-will donation supper served as a good fundraiser for them.

Intermediate Principal’s Report submitted by Dan Dow:

Winter DIBELS has been completed.

ITBS testing is scheduled to run from January 13th through January 20th.

The Geography Bee will be held here in the Intermediate Center on Tuesday, January 14th at 8:30am.

We are in the process of scheduling the first semester awards assembly for the end of the month.

Report cards for 1st Semester are going home this week.

Athletic Director’s Report submitted by Blake Cruikshank:

New Football Equipment Purchase
14 High School Helmets
7 JH Helmets
14 Pair of Shoulder Pads

The cost will be split between the booster club and the athletic department.

Boys JH BB
The boys’ season ended before Christmas Break, and the 7th and 8th graders ended up with a combined record of 14-8.

Boys JH Wrestling
The boys just started practice this last week and their first meet is January 14th at Carlisle. There are 24 JH boys at for wrestling this year.

Girls JH BB
The girls team has two games remaining on their schedule this year, one home (January 9th) and one away (January 14th @ Central Decatur). The 7th and 8th grade girls have a combined record of 7-6.

Girls BB
The girls’ basketball team finished the pre-winter break with a 4-4 record.
Team Stats
Field Goal Percentage: 41.8%
3 point percentage: 35.4%
Free Throw Percentage: 60.8%
Points Per Game: 40.4

Individual Team Leaders
Points Per Game: Haley Seuferer – 16.1
3 point percentage: Haley Seuferer – 43.8%
Rebounds Per Game: Amanda Williams 5.7
Steals : Raelyn Meling – 24
Blocks: Amanda Williams – 20

The Regional basketball assignments will not be out until later this month.

Boys BB
The boys’ basketball team finished the pre-winter break with a 1-7 record
Team Stats
Field Goal Percentage: 24.9%
3 point percentage: 18.7%
Free Throw Percentage: 40%
Points Per Game: 25

Individual Team Leaders
Points Per Game: Lance Hoch – 8.1
Field Goal percentage: Josh Mosher – 34.8%
Rebounds Per Game: Lance Hoch 7.6
Steals : Lance Hoch – 13
Blocks: Josh Mosher – 2

The District basketball assignment will not be out until later this month.

The Pride of Iowa Conference Wrestling Tournament was held December 21st at Bedford High School. Place winners:

120 lb. Jonathan Hardy (2nd place)
126 lb. Gabe Henderson (1st Place)
132 lb. Jake Hunerdosse (1st place)
145 lb. Alex Mitchell (1st place)
152 lb. Jacob Hoch (2nd place)
195 lb. Ty Schneider (1st place)
Sectional wrestling tournament will be held at Ogden High School on February 8th, and District wrestling tournament will be at Nodaway Valley High School on February 15. Both Tournaments start at 12:00pm

Locker Room
185 lockers were installed in the boys’ locker room over Christmas break. We are working on assigning lockers to all students.

CONSENT AGENDA: The following items were on the consent agenda:
1. December 9, 2013 minutes
2. Financial reports

Motion by Rande Seuferer, seconded by Larrie Williams to approve the items on the consent agenda. Ayes: 4.

SUPERINTENDENT’S REPORT: Superintendent Galvin reported on the following items:
1. Monday, January 20th will be used as a snow make-up day
2. There have been issues maintaining the heat in the new wrestling room/gym; the system is struggling to keep up if both boilers are running and the propane is below 50%. A vaporizer will be installed on the propane tank to remedy the situation. The thermostats will also be changed out to make regulating the temperature more manageable.
3. Plans are progressing on the air conditioning of the buildings. Country Propane has the prints of the buildings and is working on determining the locations of the units.

WELLNESS COMMITTEE UPDATE: Dianne Chambers related to the Board that the Wellness Committee had met and developed the following list of items to be addressed in the coming year:
• New committee members – very few of the current committee members are showing up for the meetings.
• Draw up a snack list for the Primary and Intermediate Centers to go in the student/parent handbooks next school year. Any specific snack lists that a teacher may want to draw up will supersede the handbook snack list.
• Work with Sue Ellingson and Phil Oliver to get nutrition/wellness/physical fitness links on the school’s website.
• Make sure rewards and treats in K-6th are healthy.

GRANT TO COMPLETE SIDEWALK PROJECT AT MILO: Superintendent Galvin related to the Board that there is a community improvement grant available to help pay for installing a sidewalk on the north side of the Primary building to be used in conjunction with the Milo walking trail. The grant would pay for all of the cost except for about $5,000 of matching funds. The consensus of the Board was to apply for the grant and add $5,000 for sidewalk at Milo to the Five Year Expenditure Plan for Facilities, Transportation, and Technology.

PERSONNEL CHANGES: Superintendent Galvin recommended accepting the resignation of Barbara Gray, Custodian, effective January 23, 2014; approving the appointments of Robbi Mozak, Intermediate Library Associate; Logan Hayes, One-on-One Special Education Associate; Leslie Twite, Spring Play Director; and David Felton, Spring Play Director; and approving cell phone reimbursement for Blake Cruikshank at a maximum of $50 per month upon submission of cell phone invoices, retroactive to the beginning of the year. Motion by Larrie Williams, seconded by Rande Seuferer to approve the personnel changes as presented. Ayes: 4.

EARLY GRADUATION REQUEST: Superintendent Galvin recommended approving the early graduation request from Kammey Baker to graduate at the end of the first semester. She has completed all of her course work to meet graduation requirements. Motion by Bruce Williams, seconded by Larrie Williams to approve the early graduation request from Kammey Baker. Ayes: 4.

SALE OF 1985 CHEVY PICKUP: Superintendent Galvin related to the Board that several bids had been received to purchase the 1985 Chevy pickup. Superintendent Galvin recommended accepting the high bid in the amount of $1,000 from Jeff Kinion. Motion by Rande Seuferer, seconded by Bruce Williams to accept the bid of $1,000 from Jeff Kinion for the sale of the 1985 Chevy pickup. Randy Seuferer amended his motion, seconded by Bruce Williams to add approval to sell the pickup to the next highest bidder if the first bidder does not follow through with the purchase of the pickup. Ayes: 4.

PUBLIC HEARING ON 2014-2015 SCHOOL CALENDAR: Superintendent Galvin related that the proposed 2014-2015 school calendar has a start date of August 19th and that in order to start school prior to the week in which September 1st falls a hearing must be held and the early start date approved the by Board. Superintendent Galvin also related to the Board that the 2014-2015 school calendar is based on hours rather than days. Districts are required to have a minimum of 1080 hours; the proposed calendar has 1148 hours built in. President Miller opened the meeting for public comments concerning the early start date and hours vs. days of instruction. No community members were present to speak. President Miller called the hearing to a close.

APPROVE EARLY START DATE AND CALENDAR BASED ON HOURS FOR THE 2014-2015 SCHOOL YEAR: Motion by Larrie Williams, seconded by Bruce Williams to approve the early start date and calendar based on hours for the 2014-2015 school year. Ayes: 4.

2014-2015 SCHOOL CALENDAR: Superintendent Galvin recommended approval of the proposed 2014-2015 school calendar. Motion by Bruce Williams, seconded by Rande Seuferer to approve the 2014-2015 school calendar. Ayes: 4.

BOARD POLICY SECTIONS 203, 204 AND 205: The Board reviewed Board Policy Sections 203, “Procedures of Operation”, 204, “Meetings of the Board”, and 205, “Miscellaneous”.

President Ron Miller adjourned the meeting at 5:55 p.m.

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