Regular Board Meeting
January 14, 2013

The Southeast Warren Board of Education met in regular session January 14, 2013 in the media center of the Junior/Senior High School building. Board President Paul Mead called the meeting to order at 5:30 p.m. The following board members were present: Ron Miller, Bruce Williams, and Larrie Williams. Jennifer Mihalovich was absent. Superintendent Delane Galvin, Elementary Principal Dan Dow, Transportation Director Joel Mosher, and Board Secretary Julie Wilson were also in attendance, along with members from the community.

AGENDA: Motion by Larrie Williams, seconded by Ron Miller to approve the agenda. Ayes: 4.

BOARD SALUTES: Dan Dow recognized Country Propane for their quick response and repair time when the furnace went down at the daycare center.


Transportation Report submitted by Joel Mosher:

We had 13 extra bus trips for the month. The rest of the month was spent doing general repairs.

Primary/Intermediate Principal’s Report submitted by Dan Dow:

The Primary School was visited by Dan Wardell from Iowa Public Television on December 13th. Mr. Wardell performed two story times. He is very pro-reading and is an interactive storyteller. He also has a positive message about turning off the TV and getting active. His visit is part of IPTV's kids' healthy lifestyle education funding and was provided at no cost to the Primary School.

Third through sixth grades will be taking the Iowa Tests of Basic Skills the weeks of January 14th and 21st. In addition, Kindergarten through third grade teachers will be conducting the winter one-on-one DIBELS reading assessments with their students during the week of the 14th. Preschool assessments are ongoing and very comprehensive in nature.

Preschool through sixth grade second quarter report cards were sent home on Friday, December 11th.

Wednesday, January 9th, PIE sponsored an Accelerated Reader party for second and third graders reaching their reading goals for the second quarter.

PIE is supplying a volleyball dinner again this year on January 20th. On Sundays in January and February there is an adult volleyball league at the Milo Community Center. Weekly dinners are held by non-profit groups to feed the players and spectators. Partners in Education are serving lasagna at their free-will donation dinner.

The Intermediate Center is holding their 1st Semester Awards Assembly on Friday, January 25th. This assembly is held in the gym and parents are welcomed to attend. Awards are given for good attendance, honor roll, and for showing good character.

There will be a PIE sponsored Scholastic Book Fair held at Milo and Lacona during parent teacher conferences in February.

The next activity planned by the PIE group is a movie night to be held on Friday, March 8th in Lacona. This was a popular activity that is well attended. This year the movie will be shown at the Lacona Intermediate building.

Curriculum/TAG Director Report submitted by Charlotte Weaklend:

Last minute work continues on preparation for the Site Visit. Delane, LuAnn, and I spent two days over winter break on that work. There are just a few loose ends to be tied up, at this point, but we will be ready on January 29th.

The Iowa Assessment tests for grades three through eleven arrived on January 8th. Schedules have been prepared and the testing materials have been organized and disseminated for the first day of testing. All testing is to be completed within a window of January 14th through the 25th.

As TAG teacher, I have met with all of the elementary teachers one-on-one and have received input from the Jr./Sr. High teachers about TAG nominations through a questionnaire. I am meeting prior to the Iowa Assessment testing with the Jr./Sr. High students who were recommended for the TAG program but just missed the mark for qualification, either through their test scores or through their grades, to encourage them to truly do their best both during this round of Iowa Assessment testing and in their second semester classes, with an eye to qualifying in 2013-14.

I will be administering the CogAT Cognitive Abilities Test to all of the 7-12 students that we are currently considering for TAG in early February as a second assessment for final TAG identification for the remainder of this year. In addition, I will be giving the CogAT test to all 4th and 5th graders as a screening measure beyond Iowa Assessments, grades, and finally teacher recommendation – the qualification that I rely upon the most in the elementary grades.

Once identified, it is my intention to review every TAG student’s academic and assessment status with the teachers and building administrators at the beginning of each school year to determine ongoing eligibility. Of course, we will welcome nominations at any time during the school year and will review carefully the records of all incoming kindergarten through 12th graders to screen for possible new TAG students.

Athletic Director Report submitted by Chuck Jones:

The Pride of Iowa Conference Wrestling Tournament was held December 15th at Wayne High School. Place winners:

113 lb. Jonathan Hardy (2nd place)
120 lb. Jake Hunerdosse (1st place)
138 lb. Joshua Parker (1st place)
145 lb. Jacob Hoch (1st place)
160 lb. Addison Spear (2nd place)
195 lb. Ty Schneider (3rd place)
220 lb. Chris Davis (5th place)

Sectional wrestling tournament will be held at Eddyville-Blakesburg High School on February 2nd, and District wrestling tournament will be at Pleasantville High School on February 9th. Both tournaments start at 12:00 pm.

The girls’ basketball team finished the pre-winter break with a 5-5 record.

Team stats (quikstats)
Field goal percentage: 34.9
3 point percentage: 25.9
Free throw percentage: 42.4
Points per game: 45.4

Individual team leaders (quikstats)
Points per game: Brandi Putz – 9.3
3 point percentage: Raelyn Meling – 33.3
Rebounds per game: Amanda Williams – 7.3
Steals: Raelyn Meling - 33
Blocks: Amanda Williams – 33

The boys’ basketball team finished the pre-winter break with a 1-5 record.

Team stats (quikstats)
Field goal percentage: 37
3 point percentage: 27
Free throw percentage: 63.2
Points per game: 40.3

Individual team leaders (quikstats)
Points per game: Sawyer Steenhoek – 11.2
3 point percentage: Sawyer Steenhoek – 35.7
Rebounds per game: Sawyer Steenhoek – 5.7
Steals: Cameron Hertzler - 6
Blocks: Sawyer Steenhoek – 6

The schedule is heavily loaded with away games. Regional/District basketball assignments will not be out until later in the month.

The Dance team performed during half-time of the Capital One Bowl on January 1st in Orlando, Florida.

Athletic Booster Club

Duane Ohnemus disked the practice football field in Liberty Center. Seeding will be done in early spring.

The annual pee-wee wrestling tournament was held on January 5th. Over 200 youth participated in this years’ tournament.

Next meeting, January 9, 2013, 7:00 PM in Liberty Center.

CONSENT AGENDA: The following items were on the consent agenda:
1. December 10, 2012 minutes
2. Financial reports
3. Second reading of the following board policies:
Board Policy 602.3, “Wellness Policy”
Board Policy 301.4, “Evaluation”
Board Policy 303.4, “Evaluation”
Board Policy 402.9, “Evaluation”
Board Policy 408.6, “Evaluation”
Board Policy 403.5, “Early Retirement Payment”

Motion by Ron Miller, seconded by Larrie Williams to approve the items on the consent agenda. Ayes: 4.

SUPERINTENDENT’S REPORT: Superintendent Galvin reported on the following items:
1. Iowa Assessment tests will be give to students grades 3-11 this week.
2. January 7th was the start of the second semester.
3. The two snow days in December will be made up on January 21st and February 18th.
4. First semester tests were not given to students due to having two snow days prior to winter break. Any students who were failing a class were given the option to take the semester test to try to bring their grade up.
5. After the ground thaws we will be looking for a solution to get the water to drain in front of the High School. Water sits and freezes in front of the building becoming a slipping hazard.
6. Dianne Chambers and Jodi Clendenen have been working hard on updating the district Crisis Management Plan. A meeting will be held tonight to review the plan with the Milo and Lacona Fire Departments and Sheriff Brian Vos. The plan will brought back to the Board for review.
7. The Board is scheduled for an interview with the Department of Education as part of the site visit on January 29th at 5:15.
8. Pending approval of the early retirement applications, interviews will soon be held for the Math and Business Education positions.

PERSONNEL CHANGES: Superintendent Galvin recommended accepting the resignation from Zeb Birchette, HS Assistant Football Coach; approving the appointment of Emily Hatcher, Special Education Associate; and approving the unpaid leave request from Pat Butler for one day of unpaid leave on January 25th. Motion by Ron Miller, seconded by Larrie Williams to approve the personnel changes as presented. Ayes: 4.

EARLY RETIREMENT APPLICATIONS: Superintendent Galvin recommended approving the early retirement applications from Chuck Jones, JH Math, and from Carol Carr, Business Education, effective the end of the 2012-2013 school year. Motion by Larrie Williams, seconded by Ron Miller to approve the early retirement applications from Chuck Jones and Carol Carr. Ayes: 4.

EARLY START DATE FOR THE 2013-2014 SCHOOL YEAR: Superintendent Galvin recommended approving the early start date for the 2013-2014 school year. The proposed 2013-2014 calendar has a start date of August 21st for students. Motion by Bruce Williams, seconded by Ron Miller to approve an early start date before Labor Day. Ayes: 4.

2013-2014 SCHOOL CALENDAR: Superintendent Galvin recommended approving the 2013-2014 school calendar. Motion by Larrie Williams, seconded by Bruce Williams to approve the 2013-2014 school calendar as presented. Ayes: 4.

TALENTED AND GIFTED HANDBOOK: Superintendent Galvin recommended approving the Talented and Gifted Handbook as revised by Mrs. Weaklend. Motion by Ron Miller, seconded by Larrie Williams to approve the revisions to the Talented and Gifted Handbook. Ayes: 4.

BOARD POLICY 501.16: Superintendent Galvin recommended approving the revision to Board Policy 501.16, “Homeless Children”. The revision adds preschool age children (4) to the definition of homeless children who are school age. Motion by Bruce Williams, seconded by Ron Miller to approve the revision to Board Policy 501.16, “Homeless Children”. Ayes: 4.

BOARD POLICY 504.9: Superintendent Galvin recommended approving the revision to Board Policy 504.9, “Student Insurance, Athletic” to bring the policy up to date due to legal changes that no longer require student athletes to carry insurance. Motion by Larrie Williams, seconded by Ron Miller to approve the revision to Board Policy 504.9, “Student Insurance, Athletic”. Ayes: 4.

REVIEW BOARD POLICY SECTIONS 600 AND 601: The Board reviewed Board Policy Sections 600, “Educational Program”, and 501, “General Organization”. Motion by Ron Miller, seconded by Bruce Williams to approve the review of Board Policy Sections 600 and 601 and to approve the revision to Board Policy 601.6R1, “Grievance Procedure”. Ayes: 4.

President Paul Mead adjourned the meeting at 5:49 p.m.

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