Regular Board Meeting
February 9, 2009

The Southeast Warren Board of Education met in regular session February 9, 2009, in the media center of the Junior/Senior High School building. Board President Paul Mead called the meeting to order at 5:30 p.m. The following board members were present: Ron Miller, Jennifer Mihalovichh, Marianne Lester and Larrie Williams. Superintendent/Secondary Principal Delane Galvin, Primary Principal Charlotte Weaklend, Transportation Director Joel Mosher, and Board Secretary Julie Wilson were also in attendance, along with members from the community.

AGENDA: Motion by Ron Miller, seconded by Jennifer Mihalovichh to approve the agenda. Ayes: 5.

BOARD SALUTES: Beryl Presley and Billie Jo Marsh were given the Board Salutes Award for the Favorite Teacher Award. Thank you to Billie for submitting the nomination and congratulations to Beryl for receiving the award.

The Board Salutes Award was given to Melody Kibbe and several students for starting a new secondary organization called the “SEW Jr./Sr. High Student PTA”. The organization will very similar to the elementary PIE group but will use the students as advisors and fundraisers. The goal of the organization is to help support secondary activities and teachers the same way PIE supports the elementaries. The SEW Jr./Sr. High Student PTA will be providing meals for teachers at parent teacher conferences and have planned a cell phone recycling fundraiser.


Transportation report submitted by Joel Mosher:

We had 22 extra bus trips for the month. I spent time making changes to the hard surface route plan and got them to the drivers to hand out.

Primary Principal’s report submitted by Charlotte Weaklend:

• Our character theme for February is resourcefulness. We will be using the problem solving aspect of that topic during our character and guidance sessions and throughout the day as the opportunities presents themselves. Making good choices and thinking through the pros and cons of possible solutions to problems are important skills to learn. Mrs. Keenan’s class presented their interpretation of good problem solving at our character assembly on February 6th.

• Our preschool site visit went very well, with compliments paid about the organization of the documentation presented to them. We will be receiving a full report within 3-4 weeks that I will be sharing with the Board, but the preliminary mandated corrections to be made within thirty days include just three items. The first is having the teacher and associate carry their relatively extensive (15 + items) first aid kit with them whenever they go out on the playground with the children. (They are now documenting each time in a pocket calendar inside the first aid pack.) Other requirements include the installation of both a fire extinguisher and a carbon monoxide detector in the preschool room. The standard for the rest of the elementary is the carrying of small sandwich baggy packets on lanyards by playground supervisors that include band aids, vinyl gloves, gauge pads, sanitizing hand wipes and a card to be carried by a responsible child into the building to notify the nurse that her services are needed on the playground and the availability of fire extinguishers in the hallways. Carbon monoxide detectors have not been required by anyone in the past to my knowledge. However, I have purchased two detectors – one for the preschool room and one for the hallway outside the boiler room.

• Two extra learning opportunities are being made available to parents and students at the Primary building during the month of February. On the 5th elementary counselor Tim Babcock held a parenting session for parents of children ages 2 to 5 entitled “I Brake for Meltdowns”. On February 10th several teachers from the primary staff will host a “We Love Learning” night featuring math and reading games and activities for kindergarten through third graders.

• Several parents and grandparents volunteered to help lead math games at the annual Kindergarten 100’s Day party on February 4th. This is just one of many opportunities that are made available to families of our students to volunteer in our building.

• On March 4th staff from the Science Center of Iowa will be presenting a free program to our second and third graders entitled “Simply Electrifying” here in the multi-purpose room. The quality of these presentations has been quite high in the past, and we look forward to this new opportunity.

Intermediate Principal’s report submitted by Dan Dow:

Computers have been connected in the north end of the building. The computer access has been installed for band, music and physical education.

The transition of art to the east corridor and music to the band room has been completed. The bulletin board and the white boards have been installed in the appropriate locations.

The Iowa Test of Basic Skills has been completed at the Intermediate building.

The teaching staff continues to be trained in CORI and IDM practices to improve instruction.

Mr. Dow will be attending School Administrators of Iowa Law Conference on February 10th. Topics to be discussed are Immigration issues, Physical confinement and restraint rule revisions, Student rights in the cyber age, ADA amendments, Student fees, and Family Medical Leave Act amendments.

Parent / Teacher conferences will be held from 4 p.m. – 8 p.m. on the evenings of February 17th and the 19th. We will also hold the science fair during these times.

We have received one estimate for sound proofing the hallway by the cafeteria and the music/band room. The hallway was priced at $4155 and the band room was $1500. At this time our plan is to purchase the sound proofing panels separately and having the maintenance department install them.

We currently have two businesses giving bids for the tiling work and drainage around the north and east sides of the building.

We are also waiting to here back on the cost of additional security lighting between the building and the football field.

A thank you to Mike Tierney and students for their work on our computers, Karen Miller for her work with the At Risk program, and Silas Anderson and Allen Miller for their completion of the room changes as well as the installation of the washer/dryer units. These individuals adjusted their normal routines in order to get the job done. It is very much appreciated.

Athletic Director’s report submitted by Chuck Jones:

It’s tournament time. All of our winter sports are entering into the state tournament competition. The Southeast Warren/Melcher-Dallas wrestling team will be competing in the sectional tournament on Saturday, February 7th at Albia. The top two place winners will advance on to district wrestling on Saturday, February 14th at Interstate 35. First and second place winners move on to the state tournament to be held February 18th -February 21st. The state tournament schedule has Class 2A opening on Thursday, February 19th. The bowling teams compete in the Pride of Iowa Conference meet on Saturday, February 7th at Leon. The girls’ team bowls at Knoxville on February 21st in the regional event. The boys’ team bowls at Osceola on February 14th in sub-state competition. The Lady Warhawks travel to Bussey to open regional play against Twin Cedars on February 12th. Boys’ opening district basketball game is February 19th at Seymour.

The Southeast Warren girls have an overall record of 3-11, but have been making steady progress as tournament time nears. The Warhawk boys currently stand at 8-6. Coach Burrell has the team moving in the right direction as the season nears its end. The Southeast Warren grapplers may not have an amazing overall record, but it is due to the lack of wrestlers not the spirit and drive of the team. They have been very competitive in individual matches.

I would like to thank all of our coaches, players, and fans for their support and dedication to Southeast Warren athletics. There are three ladies who have a lot of behind the scene work that do not get enough credit for the time that they put into their sport or activity. Special thanks go out to Cindy Julian, high school cheerleading, Kelly Lawrence, Jr. High cheerleading, and Mrs. Jensen, pep band. Thanks Mrs. Jensen for starting a new Southeast Warren tradition, “The Chicken Dance”.

Thanks to Deanna Smith, Chuck Cleveland, and Janet Mason for working at the scorer’s table throughout the basketball season. They keep the game running in a smooth and orderly manner.

The dance team’s spring show has been set for the evening of March 14th.

The youth basketball program will be hosting tournaments during February 21-22, February 28-March 1, and March 14-15.

Athletic Booster Club Notes

Southeast Warren Booster Club meeting January 14, 2009

Pee-wee wrestling tournament: The wrestling tournament was very successful. The number of participants was much more than expected. There were 32 super brackets and 19 normal brackets. There were over 150 wrestlers.

Youth basketball: Two tournaments are scheduled for January.

Special thanks: Goes to Jamie & Kelly Hendrickson for doing such a fine job organizing and running the tournament. Also, LeAnn Wendt donated cookies and donuts from Hy-Vee for the tournament.

Sponsorships: The booster club is still excepting sponsorships. The cost is $25.

The next meeting is scheduled for Wednesday, February 11, 2009, at 7:00 p.m. in Liberty Center.

Children First Forum: Ron Miller related that the CFF had met a week ago with a fair turnout. The Principals discussed what was going on in each of their buildings.

Warren County Conference Board: Marianne Lester related that the Warren County Conference Board had met and there will be a hearing of February 17th as a result of that meeting.

CONSENT AGENDA: The following items were on the consent agenda:
1. January 13, 2009 minutes
2. Financial reports
3. Second reading of Board Policy 201.4, “Elections”
4. Second reading of Board Policy 201.5-6, “Membership and Term of Office”

Motion by Jennifer Mihalovichh, seconded by Larrie Williams to approve the items on the consent agenda. Ayes: 5.

SUPERINTENDENT’S REPORT: Mr. Galvin reported on the following items:
1. Three students have qualified for the district wrestling tournament this Saturday in Chariton.
2. The girls’ district basketball game will be at Twin Cedars Thursday night and the boys’ district basketball game will be at Seymour on February 19th.
3. A meeting was held with the Department of Education to review progress on the site visit report. A few board policies were reopened; some items were checked off as complete. Another meeting has been scheduled for May 12th.
4. The FCCLA held a record blood drive.
5. CORE training was held last week.
6. A good discussion of sharing classes over the ICN was held during the Pride of Iowa Principal’s meeting last week.
7. There were 32 students enrolled in some type of college, online, or ICN class the first semester; there are 42 students enrolled the second semester.
8. An inspection has been completed by the State Fire Marshal’s office. The report will be in next month’s board packet.
9. A memorial service is being held tonight for Jim Poole, a former Southeast Warren Superintendent.
10. The Secondary staff reviewed the character education piece of the advisory program during the last teacher inservice session.

SHARED POSITIONS: Mr. Galvin related to the Board that Interstate 35 School District has indicated they are not interested in sharing the Technologist and Media Specialist positions for the 2009-2010 school year. In addition, a secondary guidance counselor position needs to be addressed. There has not been any response to an ad for a part-time media specialist. The Melcher-Dallas School District has indicated they have a person willing to contract part-time for high school guidance. Melcher-Dallas also has a person who could contract media services part-time. The Board directed Mr. Galvin to develop a plan for the secondary guidance position.

2009-2010 SCHOOL CALENDAR: The Board reviewed a draft of the proposed 2009-2010 school calendar. Mr. Galvin will bring back a final calendar for approval at the March board meeting.

HEALTHY KIDS ACT OF 2008: Mr. Galvin related to the Board that the Healthy Kids Act of 2008 will require some changes that will effect the District such as the required time for physical education, school nutrition and vending, and the requirement of CPR training. The requirements will be addressed after the state has finished making changes to the Healthy Kids Act.

SPECIAL EDUCATION PLAN: Mr. Galvin related to the Board that this is the year the District needs to rewrite the special education plan. The special education teachers will be attending a conference in February on the new rules and regulations districts need to follow. The special education department will then work on revising the District’s special education plan to bring to the Board for approval by June.

PERSONNEL CHANGES: Mr. Galvin recommended accepting the resignation of McKenna Cornish, Language Arts Teacher, Head Speech Coach, and HS Student council Advisor; approval of the appointment of Steve Mitchell, Substitute Bus Driver; and approval of a contract modification for Mike Tierney to add contract language to pay salary in lieu of insurance at the discretion of the employee. Motion by Ron Miller, seconded by Marianne Lester to approve the personnel changes as presented. Ayes: 0; Nays: 5. Motion failed.

Motion by Ron Miller, seconded by Marianne Lester to approve the resignation of McKenna Cornish and the appointment of Steve Mitchell. Ayes: 5.

SNOW MAKE-UP DAYS: Mr. Galvin recommended approving March 13th and 16th as snow make-up days for two of the three days that have been missed so far this year due to weather. Motion by Larrie Williams, seconded by Jennifer Mihalovichh to approve March 13th and March 16th as snow make-up days. Ayes: 5.

EARLY START DATE FOR THE 2009-2010 SCHOOL YEAR: Mr. Galvin related to the Board that a public hearing must be held to approve an early start waiver to submit to the state if school starts before Labor Day. The proposed 2009-2010 school calendar has a start date prior to Labor Day. Mr. Galvin recommended holding a public hearing on the early start date for the 2009-2010 school year at the next regular board meeting, March 9th. Motion by Ron Miller, seconded by Larrie Williams to set the public hearing on the early start date for the 2009-2010 school year for March 9th. Ayes: 5.

EARLY RETIREMENT REQUEST: Mr. Galvin recommended approval of an early retirement request from Beryl Presley. Motion by Jennifer Mihalovichh, seconded by Ron Miller to approve the early retirement request from Beryl Presley. Ayes: 5. The Board expressed their appreciation for Beryl’s 30 years of service to the District.

PURCHASE OF SCHOOL BUS: Joel Mosher related to the Board that three bids had been received for a 77-passenger school bus with under body storage. All bids were comparable and met the specifications. Joel recommended accepting the bid from Thomas Bus Sales for the price of $79,152 less the trade in of bus #12 for a total price of $74,552. The bus is to be delivered in 90-120 days from the date of order. Motion by Larrie Williams, seconded by Marianne Lester to approve the purchase of a school bus from Thomas Bus Sales for $79,152 less the trade in of bus #12 for a purchase price of $74,552. Ayes: 5.

PURCHASE OF HEATERS: Mr. Galvin recommended purchasing two heaters from Country Propane for the shop building. Both of the heaters in the wood and metal shop areas have had numerous problems and continue to require repairs. The cost for two heaters would be $7,746 and would be paid out of the PPEL Fund. Motion by Ron Miller, seconded by Jennifer Mihalovichh to approve Option 3 of Country Propane’s bid for the shop building. Ayes: 5. (Option 3 is for Infrasave tube heaters at a cost of $3,873 each including installation.)

APRIL BOARD MEETING DATE: Mr. Galvin related that the April board meeting date is scheduled for April 13th, which is the day after Easter and a no school day. Mr. Galvin recommended changing the April board meeting date to another day suggested by the Board. Motion by Larrie Williams, seconded by Marianne Lester to move the April board meeting date to April 14th. Ayes: 5.

WRESTLING SHARING AGREEMENT: Mr. Galvin related that Melcher-Dallas School District has expressed an interest in renewing the current wrestling sharing agreement and are working to change their schedule so that their Junior High students can participate in wrestling also. Mr. Galvin recommended renewing the wrestling sharing agreement with Melcher-Dallas School District for the 2009-2010 school year. Motion by Ron Miller, seconded by Larrie Williams to approve the wrestling sharing agreement with Melcher-Dallas School District for the 2009-2010 school year. Ayes: 5.

SPECIAL EDUCATION COMMITTEE: Mr. Galvin related that the Board would need to approve a Special Education Committee to work on revising the special education plan. Mr. Galvin recommended approving the Children First Forum to serve as the District’s Special Education Committee. Currently the Children First Forum has parents of special education students on it plus special education teachers, which would meet the requirements of a special education committee. Motion by Ron Miller, seconded by Larrie Williams to approve the Special Education Committee being the Children First Forum. Ayes: 5.

BOARD POLICY SECTIONS 401 AND 407: The Board reviewed Board Policy Sections 401, “Certified Personnel Selection”, and 407, “Non-Certified Personnel Selections”. Board Policies 401.2, 401.3, 401.4, 407.2, and 407.5 will be reviewed by the Administration and brought back to the Board for approval.

President Paul Mead adjourned the meeting at 6:39 p.m.

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