Public Meeting
March 3, 2008

The Southeast Warren Board of Education held a public meeting March 3, 2008, in the media center of the Junior/Senior High School building. Ron Lorenz, AEA Partnership Director, welcomed the community members present at 6:00 p.m. The following board members were present: Board President Paul Mead, Larrie Williams, John Burrell, Jennifer Mihalovichh and Ron Miller. Superintendent Dr. Harold Hulleman, Secondary Principal Terry Gladfelter, Intermediate Principal Cindy Butler, Primary Principal Charlotte Weaklend, and Board Secretary Julie Wilson were also in attendance, along with members from the community.

Ron Lorenz asked community members present to help determine the objectives of the public meeting. The following four objectives were established:

  1. Identify cost saving measures to balance the 2008-2009 budget
  2. Long-term solutions
  3. Improve image/promote positive accomplishments
  4. Maintain atmosphere of excellence

Dr. Harold Hulleman related that sharing agreements are being developed to share our Teacher Librarian and our Technology Teacher/Coordinator with the Interstate 35 School District on a 50% basis. The savings for sharing those two positions would be approximately $63,850.

Dr. Hulleman also presented information for other possible cost saving measures as follows:

1. Elimination of extra-curricular activities
    A. Cross Country - $3,390
    B. Golf - $4,545
    C. Bowling - $2,734
2. Homecoming activities
    A. Float decoration, window painting (transportation) - $523
3. Summer school transportation - $934
4. Junior High sports shuttle - $2,954
5. Increase Revenues
    A. Increase Book Fees from $40 to $45 - $2,071
    B. Increase Book Fees from $40 to $50 - $4,142
6. The reduction in custodial staff for 2007-2008 to allow for contracted mowing     services resulted in a net savings of $6,224

Community members present were divided into four groups to generate five main ideas for (1) Reductions/Cuts, (2) Sharing, (3) Raising Additional Revenue, and (4) Reallocation/Reorganization. Community members present were then allowed to vote on their three top choices and their two least desirable choices. The results of the votes will be considered by the Board at the next regular board meeting.

The meeting was adjourned at 7:30 p.m.

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