August 14, 2006

The Southeast Warren Board of Education met in regular session August 14, 2006, in the ICN room of the Junior/Senior High School building. Board Vice President Ron Miller called the meeting to order at 5:34 p.m. The following board members were present: John Burrell, Jennifer Birchette, and Larrie Williams. Chris Hardy was absent. Superintendent Dr. Harold Hulleman, Secondary Principal Terry Gladfelter, Intermediate Principal Cindy Butler, Primary Principal Charlotte Weaklend, Transportation Director Joel Mosher, and Board Secretary Julie Wilson were also in attendance, along with members from the community.

AGENDA: Motion by Jennifer Birchette, seconded by Larrie Williams to approve the agenda. Ayes: 4.


Transportation report submitted by Joel Mosher:

We had 13 extra bus trips for the month of July. Most of the month was spent doing general repairs and servicing of all buses and vans. I also spent time looking for a van and doing research on what to spec for the new bus. I did take time to attend the annual Iowa Pupil Transportation Conference held in Des Moines. At this time most of the units are close to being ready to go.

Primary Principal’s report submitted by Charlotte Weaklend:

Our custodial staff has worked hard this summer on needed deep cleaning. The installation of our new sandbox - purchased last spring with a cash gift to the school from the Wal-Mart Corporation in recognition of Billie Marsh, the Indianola store’s designated “teacher of the year”, and our new 10’ permanent wall mats on each end of the multi-purpose room - installed to increase the safety of the children during our physical education classes and provided by the Partners in Education, will complete the preparation of our building for the beginning of the school year.

The school board and community, as well as parents and grandparents are cordially invited to our annual Open House to be held on the evening of August 29th between the hours of 6:30 and 7:30.

Ten members of the Daycare staff, both full and part time employees received CPR for Infant, Child, and Adult training on June 30th and July 7th. Our thanks to Sheila Coffman, community member, for providing that training for our employees. Plans are under way for recertification training to be provided to interested members of the rest of the pk-12 staff later this fall.

The following Primary staff members received staff development this summer:

Marcia Williams & Charlotte Weaklend “National Conference on Differentiated Instruction”

Kathy Taggart “Six Plus One Traits of Writing”
“Working with the ADD/ADHD Child in the Classroom”

Chris Keenan, Jan Teas, Paula Baker, “Mosaic of Thought/ReadingBecky Burgin, & Lori Nutting Strategies”

Charlotte Weaklend, Kathy Busick & Sara Preston, “The Explosive Child Conference”

Beryl Presley “Exploring Foss” (science lessons)

Beryl Presley & Billie Marsh “Foss for Kindergarten” &
“Nine Essential Skills for the Love & Logic Classroom”

Chris Keenan, Paula Baker, Jan Teas & Becky Burgin, “Literacy Work Stations: Making Centers Work”

Missi Spurgeon, Marcia Williams & Charlotte Weaklend, “Collaborative Service Delivery”

Marcia Williams “Inquiry Based Science Instruction”

Charlotte Weaklend “Leadership” & “School Improvement” at School Administrators of Iowa Convention

We continue to enroll preschool students, with 15 four-year-olds and 17 three-year-olds currently on our list, as of Wednesday, August 9th. We should have a firmer kindergarten number after registration on the 10th.

The work of gaining bids for our new walk-in freezer has involved discussions with Beth Hannah, food service director of the Norwalk and West Des Moines Schools, about various features best suited to our needs and a visit from a second vendor representative. Beth is very knowledgeable about walk-in freezers and has given us excellent advice about their uses and installation. With an updated list of our needs, vendors are working on second bids at this time. I am hopeful that several final bids will be available for discussion at the September board meeting.

Intermediate Principal’s report submitted by Cindy Butler:

1. The building is almost ready for students thanks to the efforts of Silas and Allen. Most of the work was regular summer cleaning and maintenance. Two additional projects were installation of drywall on the ceiling of the art room, and burying the pile of debris left from the fencerow taken out 5 years ago.

2. We will reorganize teaching assignments this year for the fifth and sixth grade teachers in order to make the most effective use of the specialized teaching skills of our staff. Mr. Jones will teach math to all the sixth graders while Mrs. Ripperger will teach math to all the fifth graders. Mrs. Schneider will teach all the fifth graders reading while Mr. Hayes will teach reading to all the sixth graders. Mrs. Oliver will still be involved in reading instruction at both grade levels. The morning schedule for all fifth and sixth grade students will be 90 minutes of reading instruction and 90 minutes of math instruction. Science, social studies, language arts, and most non-core classes will take place in the afternoons.

3. The District Leadership Team (DLT) met recently to finalize plans for 2006-07 staff professional development. The DLT is composed of teachers, administrators, and our AEA consultant. The elementary staffs will concentrate on writing while continuing to reinforce the reading strategies learned the past two years. The junior-senior high staff will focus on developing lessons with rigor and relevance.

4. This summer Tina Schneider, Jeff Hayes, Paula Schultz, Pat Butler and I attended a weeklong teacher development academy sponsored by the Department of Education. The academy held in Dubuque featured Concept Oriented Reading Instruction (CORI). Tina and Jeff will institute this structure in fifth grade science and social studies classes. The three principles emphasized in the training were:
· Teach disciplines through conceptual themes
· Support students’ motivation for reading
· Incorporate reading strategies in content areas
The state is collecting data on the effectiveness of this instruction and will require us to administer and report results of pre/post writing assessments, a reading survey, and the Standard Diagnostic Reading Test. In addition, the team must attend five more days of training during the 2006-07 school year.

Secondary Principal’s report submitted by Terry Gladfelter:

ACT Data – Our preliminary data for the 2006 seniors taking the ACT test has arrived. Twenty-six seniors took the test and half (13) of the seniors earned a score of 20 or above. College success is measured by the score of 20 or higher. The class of 2005 had 31 taking the test and 16 scoring a 20 or above. The national average is 60% and the state average is 71%. A much more extensive report looking at data over a five year period will be arriving by next month.

A Name Change – During the last two years our advisor/advisee period has been called “Colorguard.” This year we will be changing the name to “Connections.” The name better indicates the purpose of the meetings; which is making connections with students in a positive manner outside of the academic classroom structure. We will be having “Connections” on Tuesdays and Thursdays with Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays being the DEAR program. (Drop Everything And Read)

Student Handbook – The handbook approved at the July meeting was sent to the families of our high school students. A letter was enclosed asking parents to review the highlighted changes for the 06-07 school year. During the first three days of school the staff and student body will review the handbook in the “Connections” period.

Liaison Officer – Interviews were held in conjunction with Juvenile Court Services, the Principal of Carlisle High School and myself to select a new liaison officer. We interviewed five candidates and were unanimous in our selection of Tonya King. She has been involved with some type of Juvenile Services since 1995. Her most recent employment since 2001 has been with South Central Youth and Family Services Commission as a residential lead counselor.

CONSENT AGENDA: The following items were on the consent agenda:
1. Approve July 10, 2006 minutes
2. Financial reports
3. Approve the school nurse and the high school guidance counselor as Level I child abuse investigators and the Warren County Sheriff’s Department as Level II child abuse investigator
4. Approve Peoples Savings Bank and Bankers Trust Company, N.A. as bank depositories
5. Approve Indianola Record-Herald as official newspaper
6. Appoint Ahlers & Cooney, P.C. as School District Legal Counsel

Motion by John Burrell, seconded by Larrie Williams to approve the consent agenda. Ayes: Jennifer Birchette, Larrie Williams and Ron Miller. Nays: John Burrell. Motion passed 3:1.

SUPERINTENDENT’S REPORT: Dr. Hulleman reported on the following items:
1. All board members are invited to attend the inservice for all employees on Monday, August 21.
2. The restroom partitions have been ordered. They will be high-density polymer; the total cost (installed) will be $4,950.
3. The white building is gone, but the foundation remains. One Call will be marking where the electrical lines are running from the box on the west side of the wrestling building so that the foundation can then be removed.
4. An abbreviated income/expenditure report has been prepared for the five-year expenditure plan for facilities, transportation and technology. The projections were reviewed by the Board.

SINKING FLOORS: Dr. Hulleman related to the Board that the concrete pumping company has completed the work to raise the floors in the girls’ locker room, the auditorium storage room, and the art room. The girls’ locker room was a repeat from last year and was covered under the warranty. It appears that dirt is disappearing under the floors, causing the floors to sink. A copy of the engineer’s report will be obtained from the pumping company. Dr. Hulleman will check to see what the cost would be for a consultant to take a look at the floors and determine the cause. The Board requested that the custodians check for silt at the end of the tile lines, check the manholes, check the roof drains and read the water meter daily to see if a cause can be determined.

DANCE TEAM TRIP: Kathy Dierking, Dance Team Coach, presented information to the Board concerning a Dance Team trip to Orlando, Florida. The Dance Team has been invited to perform at halftime of the Outback Bowl on January 1, 2007. The Dance Team would leave on December 27th and return on January 2nd. Approximately 10 members of the Dance Team are interested in going on the trip. Two additional chaperones would be asked to go on the trip, along with the Dance Team Coach. There would be no expense to the school; the Dance Team will raise the money needed for the trip. Motion by Larrie Williams, seconded by John Burrell to approve the Dance Team trip to Orlando, Florida. Ayes: Larrie Williams, John Burrell and Ron Miller. Jennifer Birchette abstained from voting. Motion passed.

MILO CONCESSION STAND: Andy Schurman, representing the Athletic Boosters, presented the cost estimates for a 24’ x 50’ concession stand/storage building for the softball and baseball fields in Milo. The Athletic Boosters would be responsible for winterizing the restrooms and would ask that the custodians be responsible for the cleaning of the restrooms. Andy related that the Athletic Boosters would like to have a $30,000 to $35,000 contribution from the District for the project. Dr. Hulleman recommended the Board contribute $30,000 toward the concession stand project. Motion by Jennifer Birchette, seconded by Larrie Williams to approve contributing $30,000 to the Athletic Boosters for the concession stand in Milo. Ayes: 4.

COMMUNITY SURVEY RESULTS: Dr. Hulleman presented a summary of the Community Survey results based on positives, negatives, and uncertains about different aspects of the District to the Board. John Burrell requested that an agenda item or work session be scheduled to review the job descriptions of the principals and Superintendent. John Burrell also presented a statement to be published in the Warren Pride concerning discipline.

SCHOOL BOARD VACANCY: Dr. Hulleman related to the Board that nomination papers had not been taken out for the Director District currently held by Chris Hardy. A notice will be placed in the Warren Pride to notify community members that a Director is needed for District 4. In the event there are no write-ins for District 4 at the School Board Elections, the Board will have to appoint someone to the position.

MORTON BUILDING: Dr. Hulleman presented a proposal from Morton Buildings and information from Cleary Building Corp. for a practice facility. Dr. Hulleman also related that he was putting a notebook together with additional information for flooring options, etc. if any board member was interested in looking at it. The consensus of the Board was to review the project a year from now.

PERSONNEL CHANGES: Dr. Hulleman recommended approval of the following personnel changes: the appointment of Minerva Hurtado-Requejo, Spanish Instructor; Mike Tierney, Cross Country Coach; Nathan Bauer, Head JH Football Coach; and Brenton Tigner, Assistant JH Football Coach; the resignations of Dominica Lindaman, Studyhall Monitor/Lunch Aide; and Dawn Phares, Associate; and the transfer of Jennifer Swacker from Elementary One-on-One Associate to Life Skills Associate. Motion by John Burrell, seconded by Larrie Williams to approve the personnel changes as presented. Ayes: 4.

SCHOOL BUS SPECIFICATIONS: Joel Mosher reviewed the specifications for a 71-passenger school bus with the Board. Dr. Hulleman recommended approval of the specifications and authorization to advertise for bids. Motion by Larrie Williams, seconded by Jennifer Birchette to approve the specifications and authorize advertising for bids. Ayes: 4.

PARKING LOT PLANS: Dr. Hulleman presented parking lot plans based on discussion from the last board meeting. The consensus of the Board was to have a representative from Abaci Consulting attend the September board meeting to make a presentation with larger plan drawings. At the time a plan is agreed upon, the plan will be submitted to cost estimators for a cost estimate.

RENEWAL OF SAP AND EAP PROGRAMS: Dr. Hulleman recommended renewal of the Student Assistance Program and Employee Assistance Program. The cost for the Student Assistance Program will be $3,318, to be paid for from At-Risk Funds, and the cost of the Employee Assistance Program will be $1,620. Motion by Jennifer Birchette, seconded by Larrie Williams to approve the renewal of the Student Assistance Program and the Employee Assistance Program. Ayes: 4.

COURT LIAISON OFFICER: Dr. Hulleman recommended the approval of the 28E Agreement to share a Juvenile Court School Liaison Officer with the Carlisle School District. The Court Liaison Officer will be shared 60% Carlisle and 40% Southeast Warren. Motion by Larrie Williams, seconded by Jennifer Birchette to approve the contract for Court Liaison Officer services. Ayes: 4.

FOOD SERVICE BIDS: Dr. Hulleman related to the Board that only one bid for bread products had been received from Sara Lee and only one bid for dairy products had been received from Anderson Erickson Dairy. Dr. Hulleman recommended approval of the bids from Anderson Erickson Dairy and Sara Lee. Motion by Jennifer Birchette, seconded by John Burrell to accept the bids from Anderson Erickson Dairy and Sara Lee. Ayes: 4.

SEPTEMBER BOARD MEETING: Dr. Hulleman related to the Board that the September board meeting would fall before the School Board Elections. Dr. Hulleman suggested moving the board meeting to the third Monday of the month and hold the organizational meeting at that time. After Board discussion, it was decided to leave the September board meeting on the regularly scheduled date of September 11th.

Vice President Ron Miller adjourned the meeting at 7:58 p.m.

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