April 9, 2007

The Southeast Warren Board of Education met in regular session April 9, 2007, in the technology lab of the Junior/Senior High School building. Board President Ron Miller called the meeting to order at 5:36 p.m. The following board members were present: John Burrell, Larrie Williams, Paul Mead and Jennifer Mihalovichh. Superintendent Dr. Harold Hulleman, Secondary Principal Terry Gladfelter, Intermediate Principal Cindy Butler, Primary Principal Charlotte Weaklend, Transportation Director Joel Mosher and Board Secretary Julie Wilson were also in attendance, along with members from the community.

AGENDA: Motion by Paul Mead, seconded by Larrie Williams to approve the agenda. Ayes: 5.

COMMENTS FROM THE AUDIENCE: Andy Schurman related to the Board that the work on the concession stand is progressing. The water hook-up, the installation of doors and dirt work still need to be done. Andy related that the Athletic Boosters have had conversations about the possible use of the field that the FFA is currently farming for use as a parking lot at the ball fields. The Boosters do not want to take anything away from the FFA if the field is profitable for them, but would like for the Board to consider the idea. Mr. Gladfelter related that Mr. Dirkx is aware of the discussion concerning use of the field; the administration will continue discussion with Mr. Dirkx about the idea of using the field for a parking lot.


Transportation report submitted by Joel Mosher:

We had 12 extra bus trips for the month.

All the drivers have attended the required inservice for the year.

The month was spent doing general repairs and getting ready for the second half bus inspection to be held on April 20, 2007.

I drove some of the routes checking for the need of rock in drives we turn around in and trees that are hanging over the roads that hit the busses as we go down the roads. The county has taken care of most of these requests.

Primary Principal’s report submitted by Charlotte Weaklend:

The K-6 students were mesmerized last Wednesday afternoon at the Old Creamery presentation of Terrific Tales in the Intermediate gym. All of the skits that were performed were based on stories, poems, or songs written by Iowa first through sixth graders. Each taught a valuable character lesson in the language and from the perspective of a child. Thursday’s Rock-in-Preventions assembly held in the multi-purpose room was a memorable, interactive experience for the youngsters with a strong character and drug prevention theme. Each child received a CD of the Rock-in-Prevention songs to take home. There was also a small prize for the first 50 students returning the signed parent follow-up guide. Thanks to the fund-raising efforts of our Partners in Education, really valuable contributions like these to our curriculum are possible.

The week of April 2nd was Reading Week at the Primary. Paula Griggs, Milo’s Public Librarian, read to all of the youngsters on Monday. On Tuesday, the students enjoyed a special snack and made a bookmark in their classrooms. Tuesday evening several teacher leaders in our building hosted a Reading Night entitled Spring Into Reading from 7:00 to 8:00 p.m. here at the school with special activities for students and their parents. A special two-for-the-price-of-one Scholastic Book Fair was open the evening of Reading Night, as well as for a couple of hours on Wednesday and Thursday during the school day. On Wednesday, the students were encouraged to wear a shirt with words written on it. Thursday was Hat Day as a reward for partial completion of our “Help Pack the Shelf” program (This program encourages students to purchase a teacher-selected book to add to our library for $10.00 each.) Also on Thursday, the reading celebration was extended to the lunchroom where green eggs and ham were served for lunch while a book was being read to the students, and the Easter Bunny (Mrs. Weaklend) hosted Easter egg hunts for the each class on the school lawn if weather permitted. If the eggs cooperated, the children ate the treats from their plastic eggs and then placed them on our “egg trees” on the front lawns.

Several Southeast Warren Primary students participated in the AAU District Wrestling Tournament on Saturday, March 10th and the AAU Super Pee Week State Wrestling Tournament on Sunday, March 11th: Lance Hoch, Keetan Lawler, Alec Henderson, Bock Graham, T.J. Dierking, Bryce Hall, and Colton Greif. They represented our school and community well and did a great job.

Twenty-six girls participated in the Dance Clinics on Monday and Wednesday evening last week in the Primary multi-purpose room, performing at the high school dance show on Thursday evening.

So far, fourteen three-year-olds and twenty-six four-year olds are signed up for next year’s preschool classes. Mrs. DeJoode and I agree that enrollment should be cut off at eighteen students per section. (This year we have one three-year-old section that meets twice a week and two four-year-old sections that meet three times a week. Each session is approximately a half day.) Adding more students would probably require hiring a second teacher. For the first time, we will be hosting a Preschool Open House on Tuesday, April 17th where parents can see our preschool classroom, learn a little bit about our program, and receive an early registration packet. All parents will be encouraged to review the Warren County Empowerment Board Scholarship guidelines and receive tuition help if they qualify. This funding source will eliminate the need for us to offer free or partial tuition next year to those parents qualifying for free and reduced lunches as we have provided in the past.

Kindergarten round-up for the 07-08 school year will be held the week of April 30th, with the Kindergarten Parent Night on Thursday, April 12th. As I reported in February, we had a very high percentage of students (97%) among our 06-07 SEW kindergartners who had attended at least one year of preschool. We are seeing a marked increase in the number of students who end their kindergarten year reading and writing simple sentences, as well as counting into the hundreds. Round-up enables us to identify early those students who haven’t yet attained the ability to get along with others and focus on instructional activities and later discuss alternatives with their parents. For those with late summer birthdays especially, another year of preschool could very well be just what those students need to be a truly productive kindergartner. (After recently finding a workbook from my kindergarten year, I am amazed at how much more our current kindergartners with a strong preschool background are able to learn during this important year.)

Intermediate Principal’s report submitted by Cindy Butler:

Two teachers, Carol Oliver and Jeff Hayes, are presenting to their peers at the Iowa Reading Conference on April 13th. The conference features nationally known speakers/authors and offers sessions on best practices in reading and educational research. Carol and Jeff will present on a nonfiction-reading unit they developed for 6th graders on the Old West.

Our second district wide assessment, Measures of Academic Progress (MAP), will be administered the last week of April and first week of May.

Andrew Butler, a junior, has voluntarily worked at the Intermediate in the special education room most of this school year. I nominated him for a Youth Volunteer Award sponsored by the Warren County United Way Action Council. The council will host a celebration of youth volunteers on April 10th where Andrew will be recognized.

We will host a Reading Night in Lacona on April 12. At the same time Partners in Education will host a Buy One Get One Free Book Fair. We plan to raise enthusiasm for reading that night.

Miss Schultz and Mrs. Clay qualified for a Farm Bureau grant. The grant allows Miss Schultz to purchase books related to animals, habitat, and farming for the library while Mrs. Clay is ordering materials to allow her to hatch chicken eggs in the classroom. In addition, the grant will pay part of the expense of all fourth graders visiting Living History Farms this spring.

Secondary Principal’s report submitted by Terry Gladfelter:

POI Sportsmanship – SEW WON THE POI SPORTSMANSHIP TROPHY FOR THIS YEAR! We edged out Central Decatur by 1.02 points. Below are the ratings. These are based on the 12 schools in our conference. Even though our scores a significantly better, our lowest ratings are still in the spectator category.

POI Sportsmanship Games reported 07 placement 06 placement 05 placement
Overall Rating
3-way tie 1st
6-way tie 1st
4-way tie 1st
Girls Basketball
Boys Basketball

Wrestling Sportsmanship IHSAA – These are the ratings from our state association. Our ratings are lower this year. Mr. Ripperger has already contacted the state to get more specific information on the ratings. This has been a disappointment to him and the team.

Top 10%
Bottom 10%
SEW 07
# of ratings
St. Aver.
SEW 06

Coaches Recognition – Congratulations to Matt Oliver, Jim Carr, John Burrell, and Phil Oliver for being recognized twice this year. They were recognized in November as the Class A, District 8 coaches of the year. In March, they were recognized in Region 4 as coaches of the year in the 8Man/Class A division. Gene Chizik, the new Iowa State football coach made the presentation.

All-State Solo Speech Contest – In my report from last month, four of our students were competing in the state solo speech contest. Tristan Gardner was nominated in the Radio Broadcast area to attend the All-State contest held at UNI on Monday, April 2. Ms Granger and the speech team are again to be congratulated for such an outstanding first year.

Athletic Director’s report submitted by Dave Ripperger:

Academic Awards - Academic excellence continues with the winter sports programs.

Wrestling achieved a 3.09 GPA. Still waiting to hear of any Academic All-State Awards (both Spencer Bauer and Levi Hunerdosse were nominated)

Girls Basketball also should be receiving an academic award by maintaining a 3.42 and the Boys Basketball team may get a Distinguished Academic Award by getting above a 3.25 3rd quarter GPA (I am waiting for grades from two students in order to determine the level of award and will be sending them into the state immediately).

Sportsmanship - Sportsmanship ratings for the Pride of Iowa Conference have been announced and Southeast Warren has been named the winner by one point over Central Decatur. The POI Sportsmanship Award is a traveling trophy sponsored by the Lions Club of Leon. Ballots are presented to the officials which they are asked to fill out and return to the committee after each event.

It has been a number of years since we have won this award and I believe it is a true testament to the hard work and commitment the community and the athletes put towards the improvement of our sportsmanship ratings. To recap the scores from throughout the season:
Volleyball 330.00 points (perfect, tie for 1st of 12 schools)
Wrestling 303.11 points (10th place of 12 schools)
Girls Basketball 326.86 points (1st place of 12 schools)
Boys Basketball 325.29 points (2nd place of 12 schools)

IHSAA sportsmanship ratings for wrestling were also released to the schools. The scores for the team were surprisingly low. Below are the schools scores:
SE Warren
Top 10% Bottom 10% SCORES State Average
Coaches 1.07-1.22 1.91-2.59 1.73 1.53
Players 1.06-1.23 1.88-2.38 1.89 1.52
Spectators 1.07-1.20 1.81-2.33 1.80 1.48

These scores are way below what was expected and caused me some concern. Sportsmanship scores for wrestling have not been this low since the 2002-2003 season and since then they have been quite impressive. I did set down with Dr. Hulleman to discuss this issue. I contacted the IHSAA to receive a report complete with comments and scores from the officials. At first glance they’re did not seem anything out of the ordinary. I also discussed the issue with one of the more respected wrestling officials in our area and he assured me that he felt our sportsmanship was excellent and we discussed ways of improving our sportsmanship.

Golf Tournament - As has been discussed earlier, plans for the First Annual Warhawk Open is coming along well. The event will be held at Deer Run Golf Club in Indianola on Saturday, April 28. Fliers have been distributed and I have already received some back.

The purpose of this event is to help raise money for the athletic department so it can:
· purchase uniforms to make our teams look like top-notch competitors
· purchase state-of-the-art equipment to improve team performance
· win Pride of Iowa Conference championships and compete for state titles
· provide additional budget support to our individual sport programs
· send our teams across the state to seek out and compete against top competition at the local and statewide level

Our expectations are to raise anywhere from $2500 to $4500 for the athletic department. Cost is $75 per person, which includes steak lunch, cart, and the tournament entry. I made each coach responsible for securing hole sponsors at $100 each hole. Some of this money is being used to purchase prizes for the pins, as well as for prizes for team winners, and door prizes for other individuals.

I am looking forward to this and hope to have a large turnout for our inaugural event.

CONSENT AGENDA: The following items were on the consent agenda:
1. March 12, 2007, minutes
2. Financial reports

Motion by Larrie Williams, seconded by John Burrell to approve the items on the consent agenda. Ayes: 5.

SUPERINTENDENT’S REPORT: Dr. Hulleman reported on the following items:
1. Teacher Appreciation Week is the week of May 6-12.
2. School Board Recognition Week is the week of May 13-19.
3. The IASB School Law Conference will be held on May 15th. Dr. Hulleman plans to attend the conference.
4. June 5th will be the last day of school for students.
5. There are excess fencing materials stored at the Intermediate site. Custodians and coaches will be contacted to see if the materials are needed and if not, an ad will be placed to sell the items.

2006-2007 BUDGET AMENDMENT: A hearing was held to allow community members the opportunity to ask questions or express concerns about the 2006-2007 budget amendment. President Ron Miller called the hearing to a close. Motion by Larrie Williams, seconded by Paul Mead to approve the 2006-2007 budget amendment. Ayes: 5.

2007-2008 BUDGET: A hearing was held to allow community members the opportunity to ask questions or express concerns about the proposed 2007-2008 budget. President Ron Miller called the hearing to a close. Motion by Paul Mead, seconded by Jennifer Mihalovichh to approve the 2007-2008 budget as proposed. Ayes: 5.

PERSONNEL CHANGES: Dr. Hulleman recommended approving the resignations of Bradi Smith, HS Language Arts and Assistant HS Girls’ Basketball Coach; Nathan Bauer, Assistant HS Softball Coach; and Anita Snook, Custodian; the appointments of Phyllis VandeLune, One-on-One Associate/Daycare Associate; Rocky Blackford, Custodian; and Christina Engel, Assistant HS Softball Coach; and the transfer of Phil Oliver to JH/HS Physical Education Instructor. Motion by Jennifer Mihalovichh, seconded by Paul Mead to approve the personnel changes as listed. Ayes: 5.

ISCAP PROGRAM: Dr. Hulleman recommended approving participation in the ISCAP Program and approval of the ISCAP Supplemental Resolution. Motion by Jennifer Mihalovichh, seconded by John Burrell to approve participation in the ISCAP Program and to approve the ISCAP Supplemental Resolution. Aye: 5.

2005-2006 AUDIT REPORT: The Board briefly reviewed the 2005-2006 audit report. Motion by John Burrell, seconded by Larrie Williams to accept the 2005-2006 audit report. Ayes: 5.

SOCCER AGREEMENT: Dr. Hulleman recommended approving the soccer sharing agreement with Indianola for the 2006-2007 school year and, if the Board desired, for the 2007-2008 school year. Motion by Larrie Williams, seconded by Paul Mead to approve the soccer sharing agreements with Indianola for the 2006-2007 and 2007-2008 school years. Ayes: 5.

BOARD GOALS: The Board reviewed the Board goals from 2005-2006 and discussed ideas for new Board goals. Dr. Hulleman will draft revised Board goals and place on the next Board agenda for consideration.

President Ron Miller adjourned the meeting at 6:45 p.m.

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