January 9, 2006

The Southeast Warren Board of Education met in regular session January 9, 2006, in the technology center of the Junior/Senior High School building. Board President Chris Wadle called the meeting to order at 5:32 p.m. The following board members were present: Chris Hardy, John Burrell, Jennifer Birchette, and Ron Miller. Superintendent Harold Hulleman, Secondary Principal Terry Gladfelter, Intermediate Principal Cindy Butler, Primary Principal Charlotte Weaklend, Transportation Director Joel Mosher, and Board Secretary Julie Wilson were also in attendance, along with members from the community.

AGENDA: Motion by Chris Hardy, seconded by John Burrell to approve the agenda. Ayes: 5.


Transportation report submitted by Joel Mosher:

1. We had 33 extra bus trips this month.
2. All repairs from the first half inspection have been completed.
3. We are back on track with vans. We are using Melcher’s van for the Des Moines route.

Primary Principal’s report submitted by Charlotte Weaklend:

Nine teachers at the Primary Center are on rotation for their formal evaluations during the 2005-2006 school year. All nine have now scheduled these important observations and teacher/evaluator meetings throughout the remainder of the school year. Eight of those are career teachers. According to the district’s Teacher Evaluation Handbook, they are required to meet with their principal at the beginning of the school year to review the procedures. (Please note that in the following account of how our evaluation system works, the “evaluator” is the building principal.)

Before they are formally observed, teachers must complete a pre-observation form that briefly describes the class and lesson to be observed, identifies any topic or practice for which it might be helpful to have the evaluator specifically view and collect information, lists any items about the classroom, the students, or the class dynamics that they would like to call to the attention of the evaluator, and lists the Iowa Teaching Standards that will be demonstrated during the lesson observed. This completed pre-observation form is brought to the pre-observation meeting between the teacher and the evaluator.

Following the observation, the teacher completes an observation reflection form that requires him/her to analyze his/her own lesson for student engagement, whether or not instructional goals were met, if the students learned the intended lesson, how he/she altered his/her instructional goals, if any, as the lesson progressed, and how he/she would alter the lesson presentation should they deliver the same lesson again. The teacher also attaches samples of the students’ written work from the lesson to the form. The evaluator completes an observation form from his/her notes according to what he/she observed, especially those items for observation detailed on the teacher’s pre-observation form.

During the post-observation conference between the teacher and the evaluator, the information from both observation forms is shared and the evaluator encourages the teacher to further reflect upon his/her skills by asking objective, interpretive, reflective, and decision-making questions. A post-observation form that summarizes the discussion is completed by the evaluator and signed by both the teacher and the evaluator.

In addition, the teacher must complete an Iowa Teaching Standards Review that documents with written descriptions and supporting artifacts, the teacher’s proficiency in at least all eight of the standards. Career teachers are to address each Iowa Teaching Standard, but not necessarily each of the 42 criterion listed under those standards. This document is shared with the evaluator during a formal Performance Review conference, along with results from his/her annual individual career development plan that is completed by all teachers, information from the formal observation, and supporting documentation from other evaluators, students, teachers and parents. This conference is held following the formal observations and associated meetings and sometime before April 30th. A performance review form is completed by the evaluator during this conference that indicates any performance standards that the evaluator feels is not sufficiently being met by the teacher-if any, and the form is signed by both the teacher and the evaluator.

One of the teachers from my building on rotation for formal observation is in his second year of teaching and is required to be observed twice during the year and submit a completed portfolio demonstrating all 42 criteria listed on the Iowa Teaching Standards, as well as each of the documents listed above. Our mentoring system has done a good job of helping him through the paperwork and enabled him to take a very objective look at his teaching and ways to improve it, as he sets new goals and reviews his progress from one observation period to the next.

While our new Teacher Evaluation Plan requires more of both teachers and administrators, I have great confidence as this, our first year of implementation, unfolds that ultimately both the students and the teachers will gain from the experience as teachers take a more active role in reflecting upon their own practice and grow in their professions.

ITBS Results

Grade 3

Percent Proficient In: 4-Mar 5-Apr 6-May
Reading Comprehension 70% 92% 80%
Math 84% 90% 86%
Science 84% 76% 80%

Intermediate Principal’s report submitted by Cindy Butler:

1. We welcome two student teachers to our building this month. Both students attend Simpson College. Mr. Dan Carver is teaching with Mr. Jones in sixth grade and Ms. Jennifer Miller will join Mrs. Ripperger in the other sixth grade later this month.

2. The Intermediate Center will soon begin an after-school tutoring program. We surveyed the parents to determine the most convenient days and times. Based on the results of the survey we will hold our program from 3:30 to 4:30 p.m. on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays beginning January 17th. The program will help with homework completion, but our ultimate goal will be to teach the skills and strategies that will enable students to complete their work and learn independently.

3. The tech department has installed a faster Internet connection (DSL) at the Intermediate Center that has really improved the connectivity in the lab. Students from Mr. Tierney’s class assisted with the set up.

4. January 5th is the beginning of a four-week project called T.N.T. (Towards No Tobacco Use). A representative from Prevention Concepts in Indianola teaches the class to our 5th grade students. The project uses research-based curriculum that is proven effective in giving students the information and skills they need to say no to tobacco use.

5. ITBS Results:

Grade 4

Percent Proficient 04-05 05-06 State Goal
Reading 72.7 87.5 70
Math 84.8 87.5 68.3

Grade 5

Percent Proficient 04-05 05-06 State Goal
Reading 77.1 70.6  
Math 82.9 73.5  

Grade 6

Percent Proficient 04-05 05-06 State Goal
Reading 90 70.3  
Math 84 73  

Secondary Principal’s report submitted by Terry Gladfelter:



READING 81.5 86.9 74.2
MATH 64.8 80.3 74.2
SCIENCE 81.5 84.8  


READING 68 59.9 66.7
MATH 74.5 77.9 65
SCIENCE 83 62.1  

04-05 TO 05-06

GRADE 7 04-05 (6) 05-06 STATE GOAL (8)
READING 90 68.9 66.7
MATH 84 82.2 65
SCIENCE 90 79.9  
GRADE 8 04-05 (7) 05-06 STATE GOAL (8)
READING 73.5 59.9 66.7
MATH 73.5 77.9 65
SCIENCE 71.4 62.1  
GRADE 9 04-05 (8) 05-06 STATE GOAL (11)
READING 68.1 84 74.2
MATH 74.5 83 74.2
SCIENCE 83 85.5  
GRADE 10 04-05 (9) 05-06 STATE GOAL (11)
READING 66.7 53 74.2
MATH 69 61.5 74.2
SCIENCE 61.9 74.5  
GRADE 11 04-05 (10) 05-06 STATE GOAL (11)
READING 81.6 80.3 74.2
MATH 71.4 86.9 74.2
SCIENCE 89.9 84.8  

Athletic Department report submitted by Dave Ripperger and Mike Tierney:

Currently we are working on making some changes to the basketball schedule that include ending our contracts with Colfax-Mingo and Grandview Park Baptist as requested from the coaches. The rationale is to find more schools our size to compete with to prepare for the post season and to give the teams more opportunities for success. Grandview is moving to a bigger conference and has been growing in recent years. We were fortunate enough to pick up Hubbard-Radcliffe this year and sign them to a multi-year deal. Hubbard is a competitive 1A school and should give new opportunities for success.

This fall we have asked all coaches to have a handbook written describing their program and its expectations. We hope this will cut down on parent/coach problems. The athletic department also keeps the handbooks on file in case a parent calls with concerns. Right now we have handbooks for the football program and the boys basketball program. Our hope is that all coaches will jump on board and have a handbook written by next year.

Communication has been another one of the goals that we have addressed. While we regret not reporting to the school board we have been visible at events as well as attending and holding other meetings to check the pulse of the school’s athletic environment.
- attend and participate regularly in Booster Club meetings
- conduct monthly coaches meeting to discuss events, policies, and concerns that need to be conducted with staff
- stay in close contact with the principal to address needs and concerns of the athletic department

Along with communication we have taken on the responsibility of creating the athletic programs. We have created a fresh look to the program and added some additional features to the program. By taking over the design of the programs we have ensured that the programs will be finished on time and of the high quality that we expect of our school. We have also implemented an insert that will highlight different student athletes throughout the respective sports. These are sometimes the athletes that may not get recognition by the newspaper but have contributed to their sport. The coaches do the selection of the honor. The community has responded quite well to the programs and anticipates the next issue.

We also participated in the selection process of choosing the new baseball coach for the upcoming season. We are happy to announce Dave Baker will be taking over the helm of the baseball program. Mr. Baker brings great experience to the table having competed at the NCAA Division I as well as being in the ranks of Major League Baseball. Coach Baker also has a strong background in coaching having coached Knoxville High School and Central College during the last five years. Dave is no stranger to baseball at SEW having served as an assistant coach during the times we attended the state baseball tournament in the late 1990s.

Legislative report: Chris Wadle related that the Legislature reconvened today.

Fine Arts Boosters: Chris Hardy related that the Fine Arts Boosters continue to focus on the Fine Arts Night project.

CONSENT AGENDA: The following items were on the consent agenda:

1. December 12, 2005, minutes
2. Financial reports
3. Second reading of Board Policy 803.9, “Travel Allowance”
4. Second reading of Board Policy Sections 404, “Certified Personnel Leaves”, and 410, “Non-Certified Personnel Absence & Leaves”

Motion by Ron Miller, seconded by Jennifer Birchette to approve the items on the consent agenda. Ayes: 5.

SUPERINTENDENT’S REPORT: Dr. Hulleman reported on the following items:
1. The IASB Legislative Conference will be held on January 17th if any board members are interested in attending.
2. The local daycare providers have provided a statement on their perspectives of the advantages of in-home daycare versus school facility daycare for three-year-olds and four-year-olds. A copy of the statement was given to board members.

DAYCARE PROGRAM: The Board discussed the future of the four-year old daycare program. Currently the daycare program has 5 four-year-olds enrolled and two three-year-olds enrolled. The Board asked the Administration to contact the parents of the children involved for their input. The Board also asked the Administration to contact local daycare providers to determine the current number of daycare openings. The information will be brought back to the next board meeting for consideration.

2006-2007 CALENDAR: Dr. Hulleman asked the Board for their input on the 2006-2007 school calendar. Options were discussed concerning staff development days, spring break, parent-teacher conferences, the first day of school, and other considerations. The Board asked the Administration to gather input from the faculty for consideration.

PERSONNEL CHANGES: Administration recommended approval of the resignations of Bryan Helmus, HS Language Arts; and Wayne Klages, Regular Route Bus Driver. Motion by Jennifer Birchette, seconded by Chris Hardy to accept the resignations as listed. Ayes: 5.

Administration recommended the approval of the appointments of Donald Hanes, Regular Route Bus Driver; Wayne Klages, Substitute Bus Driver; Jennifer Swacker, One-on-One Associate; Dominica Lindaman, Study Hall/Lunch Associate; and Jason Walter, Assistant JH Wrestling Coach.

Motion by Ron Miller, seconded by Jennifer Birchette to approve the appointment of Donald Hanes, Regular Route Bus Driver. Ayes: 5.

Motion by Jennifer Birchette, seconded by John Burrell to approve the appointment of Wayne Klages, Substitute Bus Driver. Ayes: 5.

Motion by Chris Hardy, seconded by Ron Miller to approve the appointment of Jennifer Swacker, One-on-One Associate. Ayes: 5.

Motion by Ron Miller, seconded by Jennifer Birchette to approve the appointment of Dominica Lindaman, Study Hall/Lunch Associate. Ayes: 5.

Motion by Jennifer Birchette, seconded by Chris Hardy to approve the appointment of Jason Walter, Assistant JH Wrestling Coach. Ayes: 5.

AFFIDAVIT OF DISCLAIMER: Julie Wilson related to the Board that when Waiver of Appraisal Requirements and Sanitary Sewer Easements had been issued for the City of Milo sewer project, the legal descriptions had been overly broad. The legal description on the Waiver of Appraisal Requirements and the Sanitary Sewer Easement for the Southeast Warren School District included land owned by J.A. Graham. A title examiner is requesting that an Affidavit of Disclaimer be executed to clear the title. Motion by John Burrell, seconded by Chris Hardy to approve the Affidavit of Disclaimer. Ayes: 5.

BOARD POLICY 403.5: Dr. Hulleman recommended approving the revision of Board Policy 403.5, “Early Retirement Payment”. Revisions were made to the policy as per the Board’s discussion at the December board meeting. Motion by Ron Miller, seconded by Jennifer Birchette to approve the revision of Board Policy 403.5, “Early Retirement Payment”. Ayes: 4. John Burrell abstained from voting.

BOARD POLICY 204.1: Dr. Hulleman recommended approving the revision of Board Policy 204.1, “Regular Board Meetings”. The revision changes the time of the monthly board meetings to 5:30 p.m. Motion by Chris Hardy, seconded by John Burrell to approve the revision of Board Policy 204.1, “Regular Board Meetings”. Ayes: 5.

BOARD POLICY SECTIONS 403 AND 409: The Board reviewed Board Policy Sections 403, “Certified Personnel Contract Termination”, and 409, “Non-Certified Personnel Contract Termination”.

President Wadle adjourned the meeting at 6:28 p.m.

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