September 15, 2003

The Southeast Warren Board of Education met in regular session September 15, 2003, in the technology center of the Junior/Senior High School building. President Smith called the meeting to order at 7:00 p.m. The following board members were present: Tom Farley, Greg Davis, Debbie Miller and John Burrell. Secondary Principal Terry Gladfelter, Intermediate Principal Cindy Butler, Primary Principal Charlotte Weaklend and Board Secretary Julie Wilson were also in attendance, along with members of the community.

AGENDA: Motion by Davis, seconded by Farley to approve the agenda. Ayes: 5.

VISITORS: President Smith presented a clock/plaque to Rosemary Bauer in recognition of her years of employment for the Southeast Warren Community School District. Rosemary retired at the end of the 2002-2003 school year after 31 ¾ years as a cook for Southeast Warren.

Julie Wilson presented plaques and lifetime activity passes to Tom Farley, Kevin Smith, Debbie Miller and Greg Davis, retiring school board members.

CONSENT AGENDA: The following items were on the consent agenda:
1. Approve minutes
2. Approve financial reports
3. Approve second reading of Board Policy Section 402, “Certified Personnel Employment,” and Section 408, “Non-Certified Personnel Employment”

Motion by Miller, seconded by Davis to approve the items on the consent agenda. Ayes: 5.

OFFICIAL RESULTS OF SCHOOL ELECTION: President Smith presented the official results of the regular school election. The results were as follows:

Director District 1 (term 9-03 to 9-05)
Jennifer Birchette 213 votes
Write-In/Scattering 73 votes

Director District 2 (term 9-03 to 9-06)
Ron Miller 227 votes
Write-In/Scattering 52 votes

Director District 4 (term 9-03 – 9-06)
Write-In/Chris Hardy 114 votes
Write-In/Kevin Smith 64 votes
Write-In/Scattering 29 votes

Director District 5 (term 9-03 to 9-04)
Chris Wadle 226 votes
Write-In/Debbie Miller 34 votes
Write-In/Scattering 10

President Smith adjourned the meeting at 7:05 p.m.


The organizational Meeting of the Southeast Warren Board of Education was called to order at 7:08 p.m. by Board Secretary Julie Wilson. The following board members were present: Jennifer Birchette, Ron Miller, Chris Hardy, Chris Wadle and John Burrell. Secondary Principal Terry Gladfelter, Intermediate Principal Cindy Butler and Primary Principal Charlotte Weaklend were also in attendance, along with members of the community.

AGENDA: Motion by Miller, seconded by Wadle to approve the agenda. Ayes: 5.

OATH OF OFFICE: Board Secretary Julie Wilson administered the oath of office to Jennifer Birchette, Chris Wadle, Chris Hardy and Ron Miller.

ELECT PRESIDENT AND VICE-PRESIDENT: Board Secretary Julie Wilson called for nominations for President. Birchette nominated John Burrell for President. There being no other nominations, the Board voted unanimously for John Burrell as President.

President Burrell called for nominations for Vice-President. Miller nominated Birchette. Birchette nominated Miller. Hardy, Wadle, Miller and Burrell voted for Birchette. Birchette voted for Miller. Birchette was elected Vice-President.

Board Secretary Julie Wilson administered the oath of office for President to John Burrell and for Vice-President to Jennifer Birchette.

BOARD POLICY 204.1: The Board reviewed Board Policy 204.1, “Regular Board Meetings.” The consensus of the Board was to leave the policy as it currently is. The consensus of the Board was to hold regular board meetings in Liberty Center instead of rotating to the other attendance centers. No action was taken.

BOARD POLICY 204.10: The Board reviewed Board Policy 204.10, “Order of Regular Business Meeting.” The consensus of the Board was to leave the policy as it currently is. No action was taken.

NEGOTIATIONS REPRESENTATIVES: President Burrell appointed Chris Hardy as representative for the certified negotiations and Chris Wadle as representative for the non-certified negotiations.

LEGISLATIVE ACTION NETWORK MEMBER: President Burrell appointed Chris Wadle as Legislative Action Network Member.

WARREN COUNTY CONFERENCE BOARD: President Burrell will serve as Warren County Conference Board member.

CHILDREN FIRST FORUM: President Burrell appointed Jennifer Birchette as Children First Forum representative.

ATHLETIC BOOSTERS: President Burrell appointed Ron Miller as Athletic Boosters representative.

FINE ARTS BOOSTERS: President Burrell appointed Jennifer Birchette as Fine Arts Boosters representative.


Secondary Principal Terry Gladfelter recommended approving increasing Carol Carr’s contract from half time to three-quarter time due to increased enrollment in business classes. Motion by Hardy, seconded by Birchette to approve increasing Carol Carr’s contract from half time to three-quarter time. Ayes: 5.

Superintendent Della Vedova recommended increasing Connie Fridley’s salary $.30 per hour for the 2003-2004 school year. This increase is consistent with what the non-certified employees received for raises. Motion by Miller, seconded by Hardy to approve a $.30 per hour increase in salary for Connie Fridley. Ayes: 5.

Secondary Principal Terry Gladfelter recommended approval of hiring Natoshia Myers, Special Education Aide, at base salary of the classified aide salary schedule for 8 hours per day. Motion by Birchette, seconded by Hardy to approve hiring Natoshia Myers. Ayes: 5.

Secondary Principal Terry Gladfelter recommended approval of hiring Melissa Jensen, Food Service/Media Aide at Step 2 of the Classified Aid Salary Schedule for 7 ½ hours per day. Motion by Miller, seconded by Wadle to approve hiring Melissa Jensen. Ayes: 0. Nays: Birchette and Burrell. Miller, Wadle and Hardy abstained from voting. After lengthy discussion, motion was made by Miller, seconded by Wadle to approve hiring Melissa Jensen as Food Service/Media Aide. Ayes: 5. The Board expressed concern about the lunch fund accounting software and asked that it be made operational for parents to be able to access account information. Concern was also expressed about updating the Southeast Warren website.

Secondary Principal Terry Gladfelter recommended hiring Melissa Wiley as HS Cheerleading Sponsor at Step 1, 2% per sport. Motion by Miller, seconded by Hardy to approve hiring Melissa Wiley as HS Cheerleading Sponsor. Ayes: 5.

Secondary Principal Terry Gladfelter recommended hiring Teresa Schneider as Assistant JH Girls’ Basketball coach at 3% of Step 1. Motion by Birchette, seconded by Miller to approve hiring Teresa Schneider as Assistant JH Girls’ Basketball coach. Ayes: 5.

Terry Gladfelter recommended approving a proposal from the football coaches to divide the responsibilities of the Weightlifting Coach between themselves and donating the supplemental salary to the football activity account. Motion by Miller, seconded by Birchette to accept the proposal from the football coaches to share the Weightlifting Coach responsibilities and donate the supplemental salary to the football activity account. Ayes: 5.

Motion by Miller, seconded by Hardy to accept the resignations of Michelle Fowler, Weightlifting Coach; Josh Snook, HS Custodian; and Bob Schaffer, Primary Custodian. Ayes: 5.

FFA NATIONAL CONVENTION: The FFA requested permission from the Board to attend the FFA National Convention in Louisville on October 28th –31st. Thirteen students and 8 adults will attend the convention. FFA will pay for the bus driver’s salary, gas, convention expenses and hotel rooms. Motion by Miller, seconded by Wadle to accept the itinerary for the FFA National Convention. Ayes: 5.

SCHOOL ATTORNEY: Julie Wilson recommended retaining the current school attorney, Dickinson, Mackaman, Tyler & Hagen, P.C. including Jeff Krausman, as school attorney for the 2003-2004 school year. Motion by Miller, seconded by Birchette to approve retaining the current attorney. Ayes: 5.

ANNUAL PROGRESS REPORT: Superintendent Della Vedova recommended approval of the Annual Progress Report. Portions of the Annual Progress Report will be reviewed at later dates. Motion by Hardy, seconded by Miller to approve the Annual Progress Report. Ayes: 5.

ASBESTOS INSPECTIONS: Proposals were received for three-year AHERA asbestos reinspection and 6 month periodic surveillances. Superintendent Della Vedova recommended accepting the low bid received from Ames Environmental, Inc. Motion by Miller, seconded by Hardy to approve Ames Environmental, Inc. for our asbestos inspections. Ayes: 5.

JUVENILE COURT LIAISON OFFICER: Terry Gladfelter asked the Board to consider accepting an appointed liaison officer. The person would have the training to be an At Risk Coordinator for the district, be able to assist in dealing with truancy, help chaperone trips and events, and be an advocate in helping to get court assistance for our students should it be needed. Motion by Birchette, seconded by Miller to approve sharing a Juvenile Court Liaison Officer with the I-35 School District. Ayes: 5.

TRANSPORTATION DIRECTOR/PURCHASE OF SCHOOL BUS: Superintendent Della Vedova recommended hiring Joel Mosher as regular route bus driver and Transportation Director. The Transportation Director position at 24 hours per week at an annual salary of $18,000 and any other hours approved by the superintendent at $16 per hour and the regular route bus driver salary at contract wage. Superintendent Della Vedova recommended the contract be on a trial basis for the remainder of the first semester. Joel will also drive his regular bus route in addition to serving as Transportation Director. Motion by Miller, seconded by Hardy to hire Joel Moser as Transportation Director and evaluate the position at the end of the semester. Ayes: 5.

Superintendent Della Vedova related that Mark Putz had been pursuing a new bus. Superintendent Della Vedova recommended that the Board wait a year due to the tight General Fund budget or wait until the PPEL Fund gets a little healthier. Mark and Joel concur that we can wait one year to purchase a bus.

LOCAL OPTION SALES TAX: Julie Wilson related to the board that the school districts in Warren County are interested in submitting to the voters the question of imposition of a one-cent local sales and services tax for school infrastructure purposes. The Board will need to approve a resolution requesting an election and a Revenue Purpose Statement explaining how the funds will be used at the October board meeting.

DISPOSITION OF OLD SCHOOL HOUSE: Ron Miller, John Burrell and Gene Wadle will look at the old school house and make a recommendation to the Board at the October board meeting concerning the disposition of the old school house.

BOARD MEMBER TRAINING & MEETINGS: Board members were advised of the following meetings: discussion of the Local Option Sales Tax at the Norwalk Middle School on September 23 at 6:30; District Meeting on October 16th at 6:00 in Liberty Center; meeting with Melcher C.S.D. on October 28th at 6:00 in Lacona; and ABLE meeting on November 5th at 6:00 in Chariton.


Transportation report:

1. As you may or may not know, we started out the year adding a new route in order to shorten route times. Due to a driver situation and a shortage of drivers, we were forced to go back to 6 routes. With your acting Transportation Director driving a route, this leaves only 1 sub. Two more have taken the CDL and passed, one still needs to do the DOT physical. This will give you 1 sub for evenings and 2 subs occasionally. There are afternoons when you need three subs. We have been using vans for Cross Country, due to lake of drivers. There needs to be strong consideration of hiring two full time drivers. Some athletic trips may suffer, because not enough drivers. Maybe some of the coaches and/or other staff members could consider getting their CDL to help out with driving their own activities. By law, transportation to and from school is first and extracurricular trips second.
2. I will be closing my shop on October 1, 2003, and will be returning the inventory, tools and equipment back to the school garage. I have talked to Northland Oil and they will move bulk oil and transfer the dispenser to the school shop. There is no charge as long as you use their product. From that point, all work will be done at the school garage. I will do what I can to help with setting up the school garage.
3. Your wheelchair bus #6 is being used by Melcher-Dallas for one of their students, but their driver is also transporting a Southeast Warren student to Lacona. The tentative arrangement is Southeast Warren will provide the bus and Melcher-Dallas will provide the driver. Melcher-Dallas will also pay for minor maintenance.
4. There is a problem with the transmission in the white 1985 Chevrolet pickup. I have checked into repairs, Al’s Transmission will overhaul and install for $700 to $800 or you can purchase one from a rebuilder for $425 and Joel can install.
5. We have purchased coats for the bus drivers this year as a “thank you” and also to be recognized as a driver when they are doing trips. It has been a very good group to work with and always willing to do whatever it takes to make things work.

The consensus of the Board was to give permission to Superintendent Della Vedova to pursue one full time bus driver.

The Board requested information on bus cameras be presented at the next board meeting.

Secondary Principal’s report:

Information was presented to the Board concerning student fundraising options. Mr. Gladfelter asked the Board to consider two options. Option 1: Allow sales-type fundraisers, but request donations. Issue a window sticker to the donor that indicates they have made their contribution, therefore should not be approached for further sales. Option 2: Remain with the “no sales” criteria. The consensus of the Board was to approve Option 1.

Primary Principal’s Report:

1. Our elementary remedial reading and math summer classes were held form July 28th through August 8th. Ten first through fifth grade students attended the reading class for an hour each day, and nine students attended math classes. Parents were asked this year to pay $40 per student per class. This service had been free in the past. The tuition covered the teacher’s, Kathy Taggart, wages and benefits for the program.

2. Our annual Open House was rescheduled from the originally scheduled date of August 26th to the evening of August 28th due to unusually hot weather. This evening coincided with the Intermediate Open House. The schedule was worked out so that parents could attend both open houses. The Partners in Education group again served a supper to families in the multi-purpose room during the open house. Free will donations for the meal amounted to approximately $300 in profit for this organization. As always, this event was very well attended.

3. Once again I am appreciative of the opportunity to devote all of my time and attention to one building, instead of two, again this fall. The character education/reading assemblies that were initiated last year are just one example of improvements to the Primary building program that are now possible with a full time administrator being available every day, all day. Themes at those assemblies so far this year have included patriotism and respect for our country as well as respect for self and others, and more specifically friendship – how to make a friend and how to keep a friend. In addition, by having a full time administrator here, we are able to take a more proactive stance in helping troubled students with the principal working one-on-one with those students in a teaching/counseling role. We, therefore, have fewer interruptions to the flow of the academic day.

4. One emphasis again this year at the Primary building is on the improvement of reading instruction. While several excellent supplemental programs have been added to our reading program in recent years, student growth is not as consistent as it should be to satisfy the No Child Left Behind requirements. Changes in classroom and lunch hour schedules have now allowed for ninety minutes of uninterrupted reading instruction every morning – the minimum amount that research tells us is required for a good reading program with additional teachers being available to work with small groups and individuals on specific reading skills during that time. Wendy Robinson, AEA 11 reading consultant, will be meeting with the Primary teachers after school on September 23rd to review our test data with us and make specific recommendations about how we can most efficiently utilize AEA staff development training. She will also be able to review our reading instructional materials, see how our classroom teachers are utilizing those materials, and then guide us in the process of developing the best reading program possible for our kids.

5. A second emphasis is on increasing community involvement in our school through community members volunteering in the school and the involvement of primary students in additional community service projects in the community. Com Serve grant money will be used this fall for the training of primary teachers in community service activities and volunteerism. One result of their study, hopefully, will be increased opportunities for community members to visit our school, spend time with students as mentors or lunch mates, and help students practice important academic skills. We have a wonderful resource of ready and willing people in the community who, no doubt, are just waiting for specific opportunities to relate with our students both in the school and out in the community.

Intermediate Principal’s report:

1. We have 136 students to begin the school year at the Intermediate Center. This is down 4 from this time last year. Nine are new to the district with 4 of them in special education. Six students moved away (only 1 was special education).
2. We are trying a couple new reading strategies this year. Sixth grade special education students (staffed for reading) are getting a double dose of reading. They are participating in the 6th grade reading class and getting instruction in the special education classroom. This means they are missing 6th grade social studies, but we feel improvement in reading skills is a greater need. Parents were all contacted and very supportive.

The second strategy involves general education 4th graders. All students except special education reading students will participate in the general reading class. With the help of the AEA we conducted a pretest for a corrective reading series. After the teacher receives training on this program, the students will be split into 3 groups to work on specific skills based on their outcome in the placement test, their basic skills scores and the data collected a the end of third grade. These groups will be fluid, any student who shows appropriate progress or shows more need can move to a different group. This instruction is specific to decoding of sounds and words. The teachers have allotted extra time for reading to make this possible.

Last year we began checking the reading fluency (rate of reading aloud) of all students. We will do this again in October. The teachers will be able to set goals for each child who is below expectations and provide activities designed to improve fluency.

3. Our computer lab has been transformed from a hodgepodge of apple computers to PC computers. As of this writing it still needs some final touches, but is close to being fully operational.

Children First Forum: Rod Fridley related to the Board that the Children First Forum had met on September 9th. Items discussed included Multi Culture Gender Fair issues; the balance of males and females in high school courses and the lack of diversity in our school district; and the organization and membership of the Children First Forum for this school year. The next meeting will be held on October 6th at 7:00 p.m. in Lacona. The agenda will be Election of Chairman and Recording Secretary and Presentation of the 2002-03 Annual Report.

Warren County Conference Board – John Burrell reported that a meeting is scheduled for the next Wednesday of this month.

Fine Arts Boosters – Jennifer Birchette reported that the Fine Arts Boosters are promoting the sale of denim shirts. The Boosters are considering serving the meal at the IASB District meeting to be held in Liberty Center on October 16th. The possibility of a gambling license is being discussed. This item will be placed on the October board meeting agenda.

President Burrell adjourned the meeting at 10:15 p.m.

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